Wednesday, May 30, 2018

cleaning, doctors and Phantom!

Hello friends!  I am still working on the house.  I have done a few things since I last wrote.  I got my bathrooms cleaned and all of the pictures on the wall dusted and I was able to go through my make-up and get rid of some of that.  We fill up our trash so fast with Karl working on the fence which is also coming along by the way, but I need to be able to throw things away.  I am a little stuck right now, so maybe I will work on my dresser in my bedroom this week, but that will probably be it.
Sunday we went to see The Phantom of the Opera.  It was so amazing!  Karl, Josh and I all went.  Josh has gotten to where he doesn't want to go very many places, but he went and he loved it.  I am glad we could share such an awesome musical with him.  I have been watching the broadway musicals that come through for one for us to see and none have caught my eye until Phantom.  It was a great night.  Afterwards we went and had Andy's Frozen Yogurt.  It was delicious.
I had to go to the doctor yesterday.  My blood pressure has been high for the past several years when I see my other doctor.  He told me in the winter I needed to start seeing an internal doctor.  My blood pressure was high when they took it, but they want me to check it at home..which I did and it seemed fine...112/80.  It was 128/90 in the doctor's office.  I will watch it over the next month and write down my blood pressure and go back then and share my results, she also ran bloodwork and urine tests and it looks like my thyroid might be off.  I saw the results online last night, but I will wait until I hear from her.  I really liked her.  She did order an EKG and chest X-ray just to be on the safe side because of my concern for my heart.  I do that on Monday the 4th.  I will keep you all posted.
I think that is it. more thing.  Mandy went to the vet and has a urinary tract infection...they get those a lot with DM, so she is on medicine and I found her some chews for after her antibiotics that are cranberry and D-Mannose.  I am going to see if those will help.
It is so hot here!  I hope you are all doing great!


  1. I saw phantom on broadway and it was great!
    Its good youre keeping a eye on the BP too.
    I take medication for it and eat celery every day to keep it nice and low. Seems to work fine so far. :)

  2. Morning Lori, Phantom is a favorite of mine and I also own the DVD with Gerald Butler as the phantom. I just watched again this past week. I too take medication for BP. Mine always reads 130 over 70 which is normal for me. Have a blessed day ahead my friend.

  3. Hi Lori, keep an eye on your pressure. I take medication for mine too, and watching what I eat seems to help, along with exercise, (sometimes) Lol. Phantom is great!! Glad you all got to see it! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Not sure why my blogger doesn't send to my blogger addy. I will go under the name/url sign in.

  5. Hi Lori, I am glad you got to see Phantom. It is a great musical! O hope all your test come back ok. My last test results came out great but probably because I cut way back on fats and carbs and am exercising. Have a great weekend!


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