Monday, July 18, 2011

computer woes

I have been working on lesson plans and actually they are done. I am good until the second week of November.
Saturday I did not get anything done, I sat on my computer all day and tried to figure out why I was not able to view my facebook games properly. I know. This is why it is good for me to be busy. Anyway, I ended up downloading IE 9 and updating my adobe flash and I can view some games properly, but I cannot get into Frontierville at all now. It is a mess and I cannot figure out how to go back to the way it was. This all started because we got Josh a new computer for his birthday and his computer was loading games properly. It was an early birthday present. He was really excited about it.
Sunday we went to church. It was a wonderful message. I enjoyed it so much. It was just basically about how much God loves us.
Today Josh is at Silver Dollar City with his cousins and his Grandma. I am sure they are having fun, but hot.
I will be by to visit soon. Have a nice week!!


  1. GO back into the adobe flash and instead of hittin ie9 hit the original adobe flash u had onthere bfore. That will allow u to download ur games and get to frontiersville again. There mite b a problem that ur download didnt download all the way. Thats a great bd present for him. Hope he has an awesome bd. Hope u have an awesome wk. Hope this imformation helps. Its good u got ur lesson plans upto november. Ull get the rest done n time tho. Ur pretty good at that. Ur an awesome teacher. Keep up the excellent work. Ang

  2. Hi Lori,
    I can feel your frustration. Puters are wonderful when they work and a p.i.t.a. when they don't.

    Hope you get it all figured out. Hugz!!

  3. I didn't mean for this to be anonymous. It's me Lori.

  4. I hate when the computer does things and you don't k ow why, I've been having issues with mine and even hubby doesn't know why? I use my iPad a lot these days so it's not a huge problem, just irritating.

  5. Hi Lori! Computer problems can be so frustrating! Do you like IE9? I have some issues at first with it, & didn't like it, but it's okay now.

    Wow - that's great that you have your lessions plans done till November!

    Hope you have a great week. I posted a new siggie. :) Hugs!

  6. Computer problems are sooo annoying!

    Why don't you send some of that sunshine to NW Oregon. I am tired of the rain! *sigh*

  7. Hey! I just read this posting so I'm a little behind, but I use Google Chrome browser for my games. It is SOOOO much faster and better than Firefox or IE. You don't have to delete the other browsers, in fact keep them, because occasionally things pull up better in them. Go to and click on download. Easy squeezy :)


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