Sunday, August 14, 2011

back to school

Josh had a really good time at Ft. Walton, or Ookaloosa Beach, in Florida. They also ended up going to Fort Walton and an Indian museum as well as an air force museum. They ate out at some seafood place, but I do not remember the name of the place. He is home though and I am glad. I missed him.
We went to look at houses on Wednesday and afterwards Karl had to go to the dentist. On his way home his van broke down. We ended up having to go buy a new one. It looks very similar to the old one. it is an '02 Toyota Sienna. He is having to drive a long distance to work right now and needs something dependable. We spent the entire day looking for something on Thursday and then had to go pick it up on Friday. That is how I spent my last days off. I was not happy, but it had to be done.
We also decided to make a bid on a house we looked at. It is a house getting ready to be foreclosed on and is in short sale, so we bid much lower than what they are asking, so we shall see. We may not have a chance, and that is ok, but we had to try, it is a nice home and in the woods. It is so quiet.
I go back to work tomorrow for a week. Josh is spending the night with my parents. Then he goes back to school on Tuesday. I am not sure how much I will be blogging now, you kind of know how I do when I am working, sometimes it is once a month. I get so busy. I start student teaching the 23rd, so all of that is coming up. This summer went so fast. I hope to be back in here to post again soon. Have a nice week!!


  1. Happy Monday Lori;

    I'm glad Josh had a great time at the beach. I haven't been to one in over 5 years. LOL!

    Good luck with your new Toyota Sienna, it looks like a nice vehicle. I love the house you put a bid on. Got my fingers and toes crossed along with prayer that you get it.

    Have a wonderful week back at school. Hugs

  2. Hi Lori,
    Glad Josh had fun in Florida. Bet he's happy to be home again. No place like home.

    You'll like your Toyota. I have the Camry. Great cars.

    Hope all goes well as school. Let us know what's going on.

  3. Jackson is going to start school tomorrow too! Glad Josh had a fun time in Florida. I'd love to be on the beach right now!

    Good luck on getting the house! Something in the country would be awesome!

  4. Glad Josh had a good time! Looks like they did lots of fun stuff. I wouldn't mind a vacation like that.

    Our kids don't go back to school until Labor Day, which is fine with me! :)

    Good luck on the house!!!!!


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