Monday, August 1, 2011

sooooooooo hot

Josh and I went to the university where I take classes today. I needed to try to sell some books back and get my books for fall. They usually tell me they are using different books and are not buying back the books I have. Well today, they bought back all of my books but one. I was excited. I was able to get one of my books for fall the other one is not in the bookstore yet. I decided to have them ship it to me so I do not have to drive back up there. Then we went to get my parking pass. I am taking a night class, so I will need one. Anyway, that is all taken care of and I am ready for classes I think. We also drove by the school where I will student teach so I will know where to go. I have a couple of weeks, but I have other things to do.
I planned to do some work at the preschool tonight, but my house was hot and I could not cool off, then I started watching tv. It was 105 degrees today and I just didn't want to get out in it. I will probably go down tomorrow, and it is supposed to be even hotter, but it is nice and cool at the preschool. I am needing to get the room ready. I enjoy doing that, so I do not mind it.
Over the weekend Karl and his dad put in a new front door and we painted Josh's room. There is just a little work left in the laundry room. We are getting there.
Well, I hope you have a wonderful week and if it is as hot where you are as it is here, please stay cool!!


  1. Good morning Lori,
    Today's entry brings back some memories for me. How well I remember the 'book store'. Ours was called Barnes & Noble.

    You are such a busy lady. I hope you have a/c at your house. Can't survive w/o it in this heat.

    Have a great week. Hugz!!

  2. I always hated when they were changing books and wouldn't buy the books back - like I'm EVER going to use those books again. *sheesh* Glad things worked out for you in that department!

    It sounds like you are getting set, not only for school, but with your house. I keep trying to come up with ways to make our house a tiny bit bigger since we have so many kids now. We survive, but sometimes it seems a little crowded. LOL

    Have a great week and stay out of the heat as much as possible!

  3. Hi Lori! Is the school where you are student teaching an elementary school? Glad you were able to sell back some books- what a racket textbooks are! Enjoy the rest of the week! (((Hugz)))

  4. Hi Lori..sounds like you have a good handle on things to start back to school (and work)...
    Good news that you could sell most of your books..I know usually they aren't using them anymore..have a wonderful week..hope you can get cooled off!! We are having continuous highs in the 90's and humid. Michigan doesn't usually have this many 90 plus days but I am loving it!! Blessings...

  5. HI Lori, that is great to get some money back for the books and also to unload them. Gees that must be frustrating when you have to keep all these books you don't need anymore. What a waste. I hope everything goes great for your new glass, I am sure it will. We do have a gym in our town but I do not go there because they are so expensive, it's cheaper for us to buy the treadmill, the nice thing is that it has iFit with Jillian Michael's via wireless, it's awesome.
    I have used to two times now and I am sore today. It does a lot of snazzy things.
    Oh by the way thanks about the reading to the baby and recorded book idea, it's was funny you mentioned that because I had seen the books but was thinking the baby was to young for such a thing as that, and I love the recording my moms voice idea. I am for sure going to do that.
    Everytime Kirsten brings over Kayla and Brandon I read to them from Morgan's old childhood books, they really like that. Morgan also had a puppet laying around here so I use that to read the books and Brandon laughs. It's cute. Have a great week! big hugs

  6. Hi Lori;

    I'm back online finally all set up again and loving my new laptop. Great idea selling your books back to get the ones needed for the Fall.

    Have a great day my friend. Hugs

  7. Hello Lori. Glad that you were able to sell some of your books back. Student teaching sounds like fun! Will you be at an Elementary school? When does preschool start? Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. Hugs.

  8. Hi Lori! So glad that you were able to sell back your books. Eveything helps. Seems like you've been in school forever. :) Does it seem that way to you too?

    How would you like it if it was normal to have triple digit temps during the summer? We don't get them for a few days - we get them all summer long. It's so hot!

    Have a wonderful Thursday! Hugs

  9. It sure is hot there! We haven't had any temps that high. Beginning to wonder if we will this year. It's been very mild. :(


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