Monday, June 9, 2014

My X-rays...

I was going to drop in last Wednesday and let you know what happened with my x-ray. Well, he still feels like it is a bulging disc and a pinched nerve, but he saw some bone spurs on my spine. He showed me where they were on my back, but I do not hurt there...thank goodness. I go back this Wednesday and I think he is going to have me take some fish oil and calcium for my bones. That is where I stand with that and my pain is not as bad, but it is not gone either.
Today Josh and I went to Academy and I got some new tennis shoes (Saucony Cohesion 7)...I have tried on the more expensive shoes and other brands, but these fit my feet like a glove, I love them and I got some today for $39.95...not bad. I will attach a picture.
Then we went to Mardel to look for some borders for my classroom, but they did not have what I needed. So we came home. That is my day, I will be back tomorrow for my Meme, so be sure to drop by!! Have a nice week.


  1. Hi Lori, Happy Monday evening:

    I like your Tennis shoes. I myself just ordered two different sandals from QVC. I need shoes so bad and I live in sandals all day long.
    I'm so sorry about your problems and pain you are going through. I pray the fish oil and calcium will help and ease your pain.
    Have a blessed day ahead dear friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Lori, I have all sorts of pains in my neck, shoulder, lower back but I keep going. Some days are ok and others are days I need pain meds. I hope you feel better too. Your new shoes look comfy. Glad you are blogging again!


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