Thursday, July 19, 2018

teeth drama but on the mend...

The very next day after I posted my last post, Josh woke up and his jaw was swollen really bad.  My sister-in-law works where he had his wisdom teeth out and so I texted her and let her know what was going on.  She had us come up that day.  Josh ended up having the start of a dry socket in his right lower jaw and a small infection, so they sedated him again and cleaned out the socket and packed it.  They also ran antibiotics and fluids while they were doing the procedure.  We went back a few days later and they changed the packing and Monday we went and had that packing taken out and he has been cleared.  He looks so much better now and is finally eating.  The swelling is gone.
Josh also had an appointment with his regular doctor last Friday about his depression and anxiety.  The doctor increased his medicine, but did not want him to start the increase until he was done with his anti-biotics.  The anti-biotics for his teeth made him sick, he had to take anti-nausea medicine.  He is done with those now though and he started his increased dose yesterday.  He seemed to do ok with it, but that is just one day.  I will of course continue to watch him close.
Karl finished the yard work!  Our new window is being installed August 1st, so once that is done I will show you what we have done.
I think we are finished with doctors now.  Tomorrow I am going to see Gerry Brooks with some of my co-workers.  He is funny...a Principal of a school, but tells jokes about how things are in education.  He as a facebook page and we all just love him.  We are going out to eat, to see him and then come home.  I am excited to get out and do something fun.
I go next week to have my hair cut and colored.
The weather is getting really hot again.  Tomorrow 100º with 105º heat index.  Stay cool everyone!


  1. I'm so glad to hear Josh is doing much better. He's been through a lot. Glad to hear you are going out and doing some fun too Lori. Here too the weather has been hot now the rest of the week calls for rain. Not a great summer so far. Have a blessed evening dear friend.

  2. Poor Josh but I am glad he is doing better. Tooth pain is the worst!
    I hope you tell us about going to see Gerry Brooks, sounds like so much fun.

  3. Hi Lori. I'm sorry that Josh has had such a tough summer, but I am glad he's on the mend that all the tooth stuff is behind him. I pray that the meds help him feel more like himself. Depression and anxiety are the worst. How are you feeling? Are the thyroid meds helping you? Isn't it nice to have so many home improvement tasks finished? There are still things I want to do, especially in the yard, but I think I will wait until fall or next spring. I want to plant a couple of trees and some pretty perennial flowers. The things I have now look like weeds. They occasionally get a single purple flower, but it dies and falls off within a day. I have them all over my yard, but I rarely see flowers on them. I want to buy things that attract hummingbirds. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs! :*


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