Tuesday, July 31, 2018

more on Josh

Josh's teeth problems seem almost endless.  I went to have my hair done last Wednesday cut and color...getting ready for school, and I get a phone call saying the call is for Josh and they are calling to set up services for Josh.  I called them back and it is Burrell, his doctor had referred him to be seen for counseling and Josh did not tell me.  I was thrown off.  I told Josh we needed to go to this place the next day, that is is important and he said...well, my jaw is swollen again.  Sooooo, we had an appointment already with the dentist because there was some flash left between his teeth, and it was driving him crazy.  It is almost like having paper stuck in your teeth and Josh was not able to floss it was so stuck.  Anyway, then we went and got Josh a Missouri ID.  His anxiety is too bad for him to drive right now or even have a job, but he needs an ID, so that is taken care of.  Then later that day we went to see the oral surgeon again.  He said it was not a big deal, that is was just the soft tissue trying to heal and the blood flow was causing the jaw to swell.  He gave him some antibiotics just in case, but hopefully that is the end of it.
I took Josh to Burrell yesterday for his evaluation and he was recommended for counseling and also psychiatric services to oversee his medication.  I am hoping this will help him.  The medicine seems to help some, but Josh says it is only helping a little.  Hopefully counseling and time will heal.  Keep praying for him.
I also decided to go to the chiropractor while I was up there to save me a trip, so that is done.  It helps keep my back strong during the school year.
Tomorrow we are getting our new front window.  I am excited about that.  I think the one we have has been letting out a lot of heat in the winter... it does the same in the summer, but we really feel it in the winter when we pay for propane.
Josh's birthday is this weekend, so we are starting to make plans for that.
This summer has been crazy.  I just hope with everything we have done and will be doing with counseling, that Josh and I both will start feeling better and it will all be worth it.  I think it will for sure. 


  1. Poor Josh, I'll keep him in prayer and also hope that's the end of his teeth problems. Happy to hear the chiropractor helps your back. I can just imagine how a room full full of kids can keep you moving every which way. I pray Josh's birthday is full of happy blessings for him. Have a day of blessings yourself dear Lori. Hugs my friend.

  2. Sometimes things like teeth etc are such a problem.
    But I hope this is nearing the end of problems for him. Just becomes too much after a while.
    Exciting news about your front window. Nothing like new things to brighten up the day :)

  3. Praying for Josh. Sorry he has to go through so much. Good that he will get counseling. Anxiety is no fun. Hugs and blessings!

  4. Gosh, Lori, it is just never ending. :( I'm very sorry that things still haven't straightened out for Josh, but it really is a process. Soon all these issues will be in your rear view mirror. When do you guys start school? In the district I worked in back in Nebraska, kids start back this coming Thursday, but many teachers went back yesterday to start getting their classrooms set up. The staff officially reports on Monday. Here in Gulf Shores I think they start a week later, but I seem to remember seeing that teachers go back a lot earlier than that. I cannot believe that summer is almost over. I think I read that preseason football started on Thursday. That is a sure sign of fall. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation! Big hugs!


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