Tuesday, July 10, 2018

getting caught up...last two weeks

It has been a little busy the past couple of weeks, but I did go back for a follow up visit with my doctor and she was happy with the blood pressure readings I had taken at home, so no medicine for that which is good.  I have to go have blood work done in August, but I do not need to see the doctor.  I guess I will have my blood tested every so often now with the hypothyroidism.  I felt better the first couple of weeks and now I feel the same as I did before, so hopefully that changes.  It makes me feel frustrated. I am so tired.
I also went to the gynecologist, I hadn't been in years and yes I know that is scary.  My tests all came back fine or normal, so I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I have a doctor now, so that is good, he said I only have to do that every 5 years.  My mammogram is in August.
Karl has been working on the yard.  We got a dumpster, but the shed he tore down filled it up.  I did not get to clean up some other things I wanted to.
Karl spent the 4th of July tearing down that shed and it is all nice and clean.  We also have some things coming from Lowe's for our yard, another little shed for the mower and lawn things, some yard furniture and a lawn gazebo...not a pretty wooden one, but one with mosquito netting on the sides...just something so we can spend some time in our yard.  The mosquitoes are awful.  I wish we could have a patio.  I will show you all once everything is done.
Last Friday Josh had his wisdom teeth out and I have been taking care of him.  He did really good.  The first day was hard of course, but the swelling is starting to go down now and he is eating better.  We also went to the dentist last week for the last time this summer, I had my cavities fixed and Josh had his last visit to fix cavities.
I think I have you all caught up.  Wednesday our stuff from Lowe's gets dropped off, Thursday I take my mom to the eye doctor and Friday I take Josh back for his follow up visit to the doctor on his depression and anxiety.  He is still doing much better with that on his medicine.  He still has struggles, but much better...he is on the right track.  I will try to visit blogs tomorrow.  I hope you are all doing great!


  1. Hi Lori! I'm happy to hear that Josh is doing better. I hope that you start to feel better soon, too. It sounds like your yard is going to be awesome when you are finished with it. A lot of houses down here have screened-in porches. That was on my "must have or be able to get done" list when I was looking for a house. Without it, we would not be able to spend any time outside. The mosquitoes are awful here, too. (I am still getting used to the size of the bugs. The wolf spiders are about twice as big as they are in Nebraska.) Your screened-in gazebo will definitely allow you to spend time outside without getting eaten alive.

    Enjoy the rest of your week! Big hugs <3

  2. I so glad your doctor visits turn out fine for you dear Lori and all is well with Josh. Sounds like your yard work is going great too and a screened in gazebo is the best way to stay outdoors these days. Take care my friend. Hugs


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