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Tuesday 4 Meme- First Things First...


First Things First...


First High Heels by Amos Sewell
Hello! It's a new week and another installment of Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4. I debated over the word episode and ended up with installment but I am still not satisfied. Oh well, here is is whatever it is and I do hope you enjoy joining in.

Let's talk about firsts in your life.

1. Do you remember your first pair of grown up style shoes, maybe high heels? How did that go?  I am not sure if they were my first high heels, but I remember having a red pair in high school.  My mom always got my shoes for me, so I have no memories of going to buy some.

2. When was your first date and do you recall their name and where you went and what you did?  It was not a big deal.  I do remember, we went out to eat and a movie.  My first dates were not that exciting.

3. Do you have any memories of your first job?  Of course.  I worked at McDonalds and it was so busy and fast paced.  We could take 3 orders at a time and I remember the first time I did that, I was so excited.

4. What do you remember about your first home away from Mom and Dad?  It was a dorm room at my college. I was the kid that was excited to get away from home.  It turned out that year that my roommate stayed with her boyfriend most of the time, so I had the place to myself most of the time.


  1. Hey there! First dates weren't all that for me either... We have similar answers. Have a great Tuesday!

  2. First date, no idea the only first date that matters to me was the one with Tim, we went to Pizza Hut and then for a drive around Newie
    First job well I remember where the business was located and using an old fashioned switchboard but that's about all.
    I lived with my parents till I married Tim so sure I remember the place it was a flat above the local shops.

  3. Annie gave us another interesting and fun Tuesday 4! I agree that first dates "back then" just weren't that exciting. LOL I enjoyed your post, Lori!

  4. My first date was not planned or something my parents knew about as I was in Pennsylvania with a friends family. She had the date and I just was along to keep the younger brother happy I guess. Dates then were pretty much nothing to write home about. Red shoes were always exciting I think. My mom picked out all my clothes but I did get to shop for shoes.

  5. You were lucky to stay at the dorms. I was a commuter student. I got a grand and scholarships but they only covered my tuition and not housing since I lived 10 miles from the school. I think I could have gotten more help if I had lived on campus. I had such different plans until I met my boyfriend in my senior year of high school. He is the guy I married and going on 50 years this August!

  6. I thought for sure I commented on this already...but maybe I just read it and got distracted before I could write my comment. It all seems familiar! Red heels must have been really special. I can't remember my first ones, but I'm thinking they were probably white for Easter or church. I wrote about my "first date" in my post, but I didn't really start dating for real until I was 16. Until then it was just group things or parties. I guess I really didn't date for very long before I met my hubby and we got married when I was still just 18, but I turned 19 in a few weeks. My first home away from home was our apartment. So I've never really known what it is like to have an apartment or even a dorm room to myself. Not sure I ever want to find out either at this stage in life! I enjoyed your answers. Sorry I'm so slow about responding.


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