Thursday, July 14, 2011

Josh is home and answered prayer

I have been working on lesson plans the past couple days, just a couple of hours at a time, the first day it was too hot, so after about 2 hours I left, the A/C could not cool the place off. The next day I got my lessons to the end of September done, but the copy machine quit working. I tried and tried to figure out what was making it get jammed. I just came home. That night Karl and I went and looked at some houses. We saw one, and it looked really nice, but it was too dark, the house did not have any electricity, so we met with his Aunt again today...she is our agent. We went in and the house is a mess. It needs a LOT of work. I think we decided it would not be worth the money to try to fix it up when we can find another house that is more move in ready. It is a nice house. We will see. Then tonight I went back to the preschool to see about the copier. I said "Please God let it be fixed", well the copy got jammed. I pulled the piece of paper out and out came a tiny piece of construction paper. Awww, prayer answered. I tried again and the paper got jammed again, so I pulled out my piece of paper again and looked in there. I saw a big piece of construcion paper. I grabbed it out and tried a copy again. It worked!! God answered my prayers. I had done this the day before so many times and I couldn't see anything in there. So it is back to the preschool with me tomorrow and I will try to get the lesson plans finished up. I am so close.
Josh got home from Oklahoma this afternoon, he had a really good time. It is nice to have him home. I do not mind him being gone if I am busy for a day, but after that I start missing him so bad.
Well, I am going to get ready for bed. I hope you all have a nice Friday. I will be by to visit blogs tomorrow.


  1. i know how u feel bout the dadblasted copier gettin jammed up and the printer aswell. Its a pain n the waszuland. I hope u got your lesson plans done. Its been so hot i also know what a pain that is not to b able to get cooled off enough to b comfortable enough to get the things done u need done. Im glad to hear josh is home safe and sound aswell as ur parents. Thats always a great thing. I hope that this last semester of school goes by fast and all those quizes and tests aswell as finals u ace. As i know u will. I pray everyday many times a day for ur safety aswell as for all my friends safety and their families aswell. Sometimes i think that god gets tired of me praying so many times a day but he always listens and answers each prayer in his own gentle way. I thank him everyday for all the blessings and wishes in my life. Much more than anything i thank him for sending a friend like u n my life. U kept me afloat when i thot i wasnt gonna make it. Thank you so very much for that. Well u have a wonderfull day

  2. Hi Lori! So glad your prayers were answered!

    So when do you want to move - is there a timeline? Looking for houses is both exciting & frustrating. I hope you find the perfect home for you very soon.

    Yes, Emily has grown. She is such a joy & blessing! I'm not sure if you ever saw it, but if you scroll down to my January 26th post, I posted a Smilebox of her first ballet class. It still makes me tear up to watch it.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Lori. I posted again tonight, so looks like I'm back to blogging. :) Hugs!

  3. That's awesome about the answered prayers!!!!

    Glad Josh is home safe and sound, and that he had a good trip. :) ... I hear you though. It's nice that they have fun, but you sure miss them when they are gone!

    Good luck on the house hunt!

  4. Hi Lori,
    I watch HGTV with folks looking for houses. You know there's one perfect house out there just waiting for you. All you gotta do is find it.

    I love happy endings and yours is one of those. Always fun to visit. Hugz!!

  5. I understand about missing the boys. My oldest just spent most of the week at scout camp and I missed him so much. I know the life experience is good, but it doesn't make me miss him any less!

    Glad you got your copier problem worked out!! :)

  6. I didn't know you were moving? Are you going far, or just finding somewhere bigger? I love house hunting, and often get itchy feet to move again, but we're trying to stay put for quite a while, because we have great neighbors and Kristen has a cul-de-sac full of kids to play with too :)


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