Friday, September 27, 2019

Saturday 9- Shake It Off

Shake It Off (2014)

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here.

1) This song makes Crazy Sam want to dance. What song inspires you to get on your feet?  Oh goodness, too many to mention.  I love 80's music though, so probably something from then.

2) Paul McCartney met Taylor Swift at the SNL 40 Anniversary special and told her he really enjoys playing and singing this song. What's the last song you sang along with? Don't Bring Me Down- ELO...driving home from work I heard it on the radio.

3) The lyrics tell us Swift "shakes off" nasty gossip and unfair criticism. What about you? Do you worry about what others think of you?  I don't worry, but it does bother me sometimes. 

4) Her parents are big music fans, and were going to name their baby (boy or girl) "Taylor" after their favorite artist, James Taylor. Can you think of a singer that your mom and/or dad really enjoyed?  My mom loved Elvis and still does.

5) She grew up on an 11-acre Christmas tree farm. Do you get a fresh tree every year, or do you have an artificial tree, or do you not put up a tree at all?  We have an artificial tree. 

6) Taylor Swift is 5'10". According to the CDC, the average American woman is 5'4" while men are, on average, 5'9". Are you taller or shorter than average?  exactly average.  That seems short to me.  It seems like everyone is taller than me.

7) She enjoys good, old fashioned mysteries, especially those by Agatha Christie. Are you currently reading a book for pleasure?  no, with all of the new tv shows starting, I have given up trying to read until I actually will have some time off from work...I have a day off in October, so maybe then.

8) Her brother Austin is a freelance photographer who took the official pictures for her 2008 concert tour. Who took the last photo of you?  I have my picture taken almost daily at school for Seesaw...which is a way to communicate with parents through one of my co-workers...even just a fun picture was one of my co-workers.

9) Random question: What's your go-to comfy outfit?  yoga pants, t-shirt and tennis shoes.



  1. Don't let 'em get to you.

    When this you see, remember me
    And bear me in your mind
    Let all the world say what they may
    Speak of me as you find - Brian Jones

  2. I am one of those weird people who was a young teenager when Elvis came to popularity and never liked him. I liked the crooners better.

  3. 80's music for me as well... love my 80's! Well, I'm shorter than you.... Happy Saturday!!

  4. Ah the 80's... Disco! Polyester suits, platform shoes, ABBA, and the Bee Gees!

  5. Morning Lori, It would be hard for me to pick out one song as I love songs from the 40's to now. I'm also a fan of opera and jazz. Enjoyed your answers my friend.

  6. I always have sneakers on, unless I'm in my robe. I can't stand to be without shoes.

  7. I always feel short, too, even though I'm taller than the average.

  8. Since I am short, everyone is always taller, lol. Have a great day friend. smiles

  9. I like the way you keep in touch with parents. I wish there had been something like that with my daughter. Well, they were trying to get it off the ground, but it never took off while she was there.

  10. Elvis wrote and sang some lovely ballads.
    Don't let the turkeys get you down, Sweet gal. Just consider the source.
    Have a lovely time catching up on your shows.


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