Saturday, September 11, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Not Quite 5000 Questions


 1. Who do you take for granted?  I appreciate everyone, but I will say my husband.  He is
the best about doing a lot around the house to help me out.

2. Short, knee, or ankle skirts? (if a man, have you ever worn kilts?)  I do not really
wear skirts anymore, but if I did they would be ankle.  I wore short skirts when
I was in college.  That was when the denim mini shirts were in style.

3. Do you wear a hat?  Sometimes I wear baseball caps, usually on hat day
at school.

4. Who's your favorite cartoon character?  I love them all...not really, but I do
not really know if I have a favorite.

5. Does break dancing impress you?  I don't care about it anymore, but I was 
probably impressed with it in the 80's.

6. Are you a miracle?  Everyone is a miracle....even me.

7. Have you ever eaten tofu?  I don't think so.

8. Does the moon have an effect on your mood?  I am sure it does.

9. Many people will say that the Harry Potter books are pure fluff with no
literary value. Do you agree?  I have not read Harry Potter.

10. What are you doing next Wednesday?  Hopefully working.  I missed a
couple of days of work with my dog Molly this past week.

11. Why do so many people think Elvis is still alive?  My mom says he isn't
in his grave because his middle name is spelled wrong on his gravestone. 
Well, she said that a long time ago.  I think she believes he is dead now.

12. Are your hands cold?  not as I am typing this.

13. Have you ever given blood?  no, sadly I have not.

14. What SCI-fi books do you read?  I do not read sci-fi, I find it a bit
difficult to read.  I love the movies though.  My mind just cannot see those
characters and I struggle with it.  I am told it takes practice.  My husband
LOVES sci-fi.

15. Have you ever belonged to a sorority or a fraternity?  no, I skipped that, it
was not a big deal at my college.  I think it would have been fun at a different 
college though.


  1. Hey, Lori...wondering how Molly is? Elvis' middle name is spelled wrong on the headstone? I had no idea. Funny what people will read into things. I wonder why no one ever corrected it...surely there was enough money.

  2. My niece is in a sorority. She seems to enjoy it. I hope she makes lifelong friends through it. You might want to give Harry Potter a try sometime. It reads fast.

  3. "Hat day" sounds like a good opportunity to represent for your Cardinals. ;)

    Let us know how Molly is doing.

  4. I sure hope Molly is better! I didn't know that about the headstone on Elvis' grave. Hmmmm... Have a blessed week! xo

  5. #3 - I don't think I have ever worn a baseball cap - it's not a major sport here.

    #9 - You might enjoy Harry Potter. They aren't bad at all.





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