Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Memories

Here is Annie's Meme!!

Summer Memories

1. What thoughts come to your mind when you think of 'summer'? No work and swimming, fun in the sun. Just a time to relax and enjoy myself.

2. If you could 'fix up' summer, make it perfect, what would you do? No mosquitoes, wasps or bees. Then I could be out at night and not have to wear bug spray. I would just like to be able to sit outside and enjoy.

3. Which do you prefer---picnic or cookout? I love both, but I guess I prefer a cookout.

4.Do you have a special summer memory ? We went to Orange Beach, AL a few years ago and that was awesome. Lots of good memories there.

5. How about a special summertime song? The song going through my mind is "Summertime" by Will Smith.

Today I cleaned my dishwasher, washing machine and microwave. I did the mix of vinegar and baking soda and added some essential oils to make them smell wonderful.
I am having a hard time with dealing with the fact that school starts in 3 weeks. I am not motivated to get to the preschool and start lesson plans or anything. I am going to HAVE to do that one of these days. Get my classroom ready. I had fun teaching summer school, but it has me thrown off and the cool weather is making it feel like Spring...LOL!! It was in the 70's this week here in Missouri.
I am thinking of getting the pool out for a few weeks. It has seriously not been a good summer for swimming, it has been rainy or too cool. I am cranky about my pool time. It has to be hot...and it is supposed to get hot next week. Well, I better get. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Hi Lori! I enjoyed your answers to Annie's meme. I will get mine done this weekend too.

    Since I homeschool, school will be starting for me in September. We used to start the end of August, but I think I prefer starting after Labor Day.

    If you get your pool out, enjoy it! My advice - I'd get it out! It's such a part of summer, & sad to think about giving that part up. You might regret it when fall/winter hits. Have a wonderful weekend Lori! Hugs

  2. Hi, Lori. Good answers! I wish some of your cooler temps had made down south to Florida. Have a great weekend!


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