Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the shots

My mom and I went to Ross, Marshall's, JCPenney Home Store and Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday. I was so excited to go to Ross because I found so many good things in the Ross store in Muskogee, but this store was either picked over from the Grand Opening that was on Saturday or it is just not as good. I was looking for stuff for my house. I found one thing at Ross and all of the rest of my purchases were from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They had a lot of nice things, but their prices are higher, so I did not buy as much. Anyway, once we were done we had some lunch at Red Robin and then headed home. I got almost all of my wall hangings up while my parents were still here at our house. They liked them. Josh stayed home with my dad and they had fun together. This morning I took Josh to get his shots. He got the booster of the chicken pox and the first shot of the Hep A. It will be 6 months before we can get the second shot and she said even if I would want to wait until next summer that would be fine...that is probably what I will do. I am glad we have those out of the way. She explained to me that the chicken pox booster was because they were finding kids were still not protected with only one dose and were still getting it, so they went to two. I did not realize that. It is mandatory now for kids to have the second dose before 2nd grade...that was not the case when Josh went to 2nd grade, so anyway, he is caught up now and I feel better about that. When we were done with the shots we ran by Wal~Mart and I picked some things up. I am still looking for a school supplies list, I am thinking I may have to look online for middle school. Then I went to Dollar General and now we are home for the day and I am doing laundry. I will let Josh rest his arm. Have a nice day!! Found this at Toni's blog:
Your Life Will Be Huge in Ten Years
You are driven and energetic. More than anything else, you want to be successful - and you will be.
You are happy to work hard to get to the top, and rest assured, your work will pay off.

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  1. Happy Wednesday Lori,
    Busy girl shopping :) I am so out of touch I did not know it was mandatory for kids to have chicken pox shots. We didn't even have them when I was a kid. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. I think the problem with the chicken pox one is that if they don't get the booster, they can end up getting chicken pox as an adult, which is a lot worse than if they have them as a kid. The pox shot didn't even exist when I was a kid, so I got to deal with the itchy pox!

  3. Hi Lori, I want to see the batman movie. I hope Josh's arm feels better soon. I am so glad he is doing good with his braces. Morgan really needed some but she did not get any.
    I think Ross is a nice store but they squish all the clothes together. What I like even better then Ross is TJMax. For some reason I always go there but they both have a lot of the same things or similar. I check both. I go there a lot and Target I don't shop at Wal-Mart because it is a food store also and very busy. It seems to be crazy in there and here it seems to be like the welfare crowd. So I just go to Target they have really cute things for the home.
    The shots can be scary but for the most part they are safe, life is a chance but it's hard to take that chance with your own child.
    I love your siggy it's so cute.
    I am glad you had fun with your mom, that sounds like a nice day. I don't get to go far with my mom these days, she is going to be 80 this year and has a heart problem and it's hard to go anywhere with her. So we just go to coffee shops and meet up at places like that, sometimes the mall for a short while. Have a great day Lori. Big hugs

  4. Like Dru, there were no shots for chicken pox and all the moms would expose their kids to another sick kid so they could get them out of the way. I know I had them and now they want adults who had chicken pox to get shingles vaccines. Do you have HomeGoods? that's my favorite for inexpensive home decor. It's a division of TJ Maxx. I also like Kohl's for some things for the home. My favorite is Pottery Barn and I can often find similar things at HomeGoods for a lot less! (((Hugz)))

  5. HI Lori;

    I agree with you on the higher prices of Bed, Bath & Beyond but I still love checking them out online. Once in awhile I see something I can afford and instantly buy it. ;-}

    Glad Josh got all his needed shots. It's true about adults who had the shot as kids have had shingles as an adult. I had a bout of shingles in my 30's. No fun!!

    Enjoyed your results from the quiz. I think it fits you. Have a lovely weekend dear friend. Hugs


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