Monday, July 23, 2012

my back

I think I failed to mention that I threw my back out a week ago or so. It was before I went shopping for my work clothes. Anyway, it still hurts and was getting better until I went shopping with my mom last Tuesday. It tightened back up and so I have been trying to relax. It is getting a little better now. I wish it would feel better so I could get out and shop some more before school starts, but I do not feel like trying on clothes right now. I have been taking it easy like I said except for Saturday. We went to see The Dark Knight Rises. We found out on the local news that night that while we were in our movie someone came in the theater we were in carrying a handgun. That is normal here for people to carry guns openly, but I was surprised after what happened in Colorado that someone tried to carry a gun into a theater. They were asked to leave and get rid of their gun and they did. The sheriff was called. We never even knew. It was all resolved before we left. It was a really good movie. Then we had church on Sunday. We watched Dateline or one of those shows last night about Colorado. I just hate that all happened. Tuesday we go get our teeth cleaned. I wish I could say I was excited. This is supposed to be another week in the 100's and no rain. I so wish it would rain for a few days.


  1. Hi Lori,
    I don't know why we live in a country where anyone feels the need to carry a gun into a theater. Here in CA at least that is illegal. Sorry about your back. I have never had back issues but I heard it can be really painful. I hope you feel better real soon. Happy to hear you liked Dark Knight Rises I am going to wait until all the hoopla over the movie dies down so I can watch it without being in a theater full of people. Have a wonderful Day.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Lori,
    I sympathize with you and your back. As soon as that happens to me I call the chiropractor. It works for me.

    OMG! A hand gun is one thing but an assault rifle is a different kind of weapon. I wish that they would be outlawed.

    Glad you enjoyed the movie & hope you get to finish your shopping soon. Hugz!

  3. Hi Lori;

    I pray you are feeling better my friend. The back is one of the worst pain there is. I too have back problems every so often.

    What a shame that we have to worry where some nut will show up nowadays. I'll see the Dark Knight when it comes out on DVD.

    Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  4. Sorry about your back, Lori! I don't have back problems but the few time I've had a sore back, it really is no fun! Seems like there's been quite a few incidents since Colorado where people do dumb things and say dumb things... they think they are being funny but they're not! Sorry about all the heat...we've been quite cool for our neck of the woods! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  5. Hi Lori, I hope your back will be better soon :)

    Here in Germany we have got very strict gun laws and I must say I'm glad for it. There is no need for normal people to carry guns around all the time, we are not living in a civil war, thank GOD!

  6. Hi Lori

    I am glad you enjoyed the movie I guess I will wait until it comes out to see it.
    I don't have a gun but I do want one now, although I would not carry it into a movie theater that is dumb.
    I think in CA you cannot carry an unconcealed weapon without a permit, I don't understand what the law is really here, I guess I would find out if I had one. Thankfully no one was hurt and there seems to be a bunch of copy cats trying to get attention that is mean to scare people.
    It's interesting how people feel about them, but I do cherish our 2nd amendment, but those that abuse it need to go away for a very long time this guy needs to go away forever. He is so strange. It's a good thing he didn't use a bomb that would have killed more people. I don't think people think about that though. I feel sorry for these families it's sad hearing all the stories.
    Kirsten's friend is scared to go to the movies, I think a lot of people are right now, just like after 911 people were afraid to fly for awhile. Have a great day! Big hugs


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