Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

Well, Josh and I went to Oklahoma about 2 weeks ago with my parents. We did some shopping, spent time with my Uncle and Aunt and just relaxed. It was fun. We stayed about 3 days and then came home.
The picture is of me is outside the Cherokee Heritage Center. They had a Trail of Tears exhibit that was so neat. There were statues of Native Americans that were walking on the Tail of Tears, you click a button and it tells stories of each statue, in the meantime there is a sound byte playing that sounds like wind blowing to make you feel like you are there. It was an amazing place. We could not take pictures, but this photo is of that room from the website. My mom is Cherokee, it was very emotional.
Josh also went to the Muskogee city museum, he really enjoyed that also. I stayed at the hotel that day hoping the sun would come out so I could swim, but it never did. I enjoyed shopping at Ross and got lots of wall hangings for my house. I re-decorated my living room and I am working on my bedroom. They are opening a Ross here in a couple of weeks, so I am very excited about that. Karl's birthday was Friday, we got him a birthday cake and card and we got him a little gift. We also went to see the movie Brave. It was really good. We rented Sherlock Holmes...the 2nd one. It was so good. We also rented Red Tails which was also very good. We have been watching the Olympic Trials. I am very excited about our chances. The Olympics are so much fun to watch. Well, I better go. Have a fun and safe 4th of July!! I am not sure what we will be doing. I am enjoying getting to do fun things on my time off and not having to go to classes anymore.


  1. Hi Lori,
    Glad you had a fun time in OK. Happy Birthday to Karl. Have a happy and safe 4th of July. Hugz!

  2. Hi Lori! my dad's family is all from Oklahoma and there is supposedly Cherokee bloodlines in our family tree. Glad you enjoyed the exhibit and the movies you've watched. We've been watching the Olympic trials, too. I had forgotten how close they are to the actual Olympics. Have a Happy 4th!

  3. Hi Lori I bet your just thrilled to be doing so many fun things. I am so happy you are able to now. My kids have some Cherokee in them from their father of course not me. It's neat you got to go there to the museum and spend time with your parents. Have a great 4th of July. Hugs

  4. Hi Lori,
    Happy 4th of July! Your trip sounds great! I heard Brave wad very good but I saw Magic Mike over the weekend :)) I loved it.
    Have a wonderful holiday.
    Hugs, Dru

  5. Hi Lori, Sounds like you had a fun time in OK. I must make a note to see Sherlock Holmes 2, saw the first one but haven't got around to see the second. Great pic of you. Happy 4th! *hugs*

  6. Hi Lori, just checking in on you here to see if you posted anything new about your exciting life. Your blog is fixed up so cute! have a great week. Big hugs


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