Thursday, July 26, 2012


Josh and I went to the dentist on Tuesday to have our teeth cleaned and Josh did well, I had a small cavity. I went back yesterday to have it fixed. So all is well with that for 6 months. Josh also went to spend the night with my parents. I took him down and had dinner with them and then I came home. Josh will be home later today. My back is doing better. I am not having to take pain medicine (ibuprofen) for it anymore. I am still going to rest it because next week we have things planned for Josh's birthday and we will be out and about. When I turned 30 years old, I pulled my back out bending over doing laundry, moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Ever since that happened my back pulls out easy or tightens up. I can go years and have no trouble with it, but when I am down, it hurts. This time it was getting better and when I went shopping with my mom it tightened back up. I could hardly walk and sleeping was hard because it hurt to move. Anyway, it is much better now. I am so glad. I also took Josh to pick up a few school supplies the other day, but not many because I did not have a school supply list. They have e-mailed it out now, so I just need to print it off and get the rest. That is what we have been up to this week. They say we could get rain today, so I am praying they are right!! It has been in the 100's all week. Have a nice almost weekend!!


  1. Hi Lori,
    I am happy to hear your back is a little better! School supplies seems so soon but schools in my area go back next month. Short Summer for sure. I was lucky the last 2 Dentists visits no cavities! And my mouth is full of fillings let me tell you! Hope you have a great Thursday. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Lori;

    I'm glad your back is a little better and it's good that you are going to take it easy this week. Like Dru says getting school supplies already seems so soon. The schools here go back the day after Labor Day.
    We were supposed to get a dangerous storm yesterday and were on a tornado watch. But all we got was a little rain which I'm thankful for. They really messed up the weather forecast yesterday! ;-}
    I pray your temps go down and you get some rain. Have a lovely day & weekend my friend. Hugs

  3. Hi Lori,
    It seems to me that just about everyone I know has back problems. Glad yours is better.

    I somehow got in the school supply aisle at WalMart the other day and I was shocked at the some of the prices of school stuff. Price shock in the school supply aisle is a very sad thing. hehe! Hugz!

  4. Hi Lori, I am sorry to hear about your back I hope it is feeling better. My back hurts some times and Kirsten has back problems. I hate back problems. I can always move though with mine, it just hurts. I hope you have a good day! Hugs

  5. Glad your back is feeling better. Back pain is NO FUN at all! Hope it stays pain-free!

    This is our first year of having to buy school supplies for non-homeschooling. We haven't gotten a list yet, but it promises to be expensive. *lol* (Jared will be going to a charter school, while the other three are staying home.)

  6. Hi Lori!
    I am glad that your back us feeling better, but it certainly is a good thing to keep resting. Sorry it's been quite a while since my last visit - this summer has been a crazy one!

    I still have a couple of years to go before buying school supplies (as a kid that was my favorite stuff to buy. I always needed the cutest stuff and it would drive my mom crazy lol)

    Have a great rest of the week!

  7. Hi Lori;

    Dropped in to wish you a happy Wednesday. Have a great day. Hugs

  8. Hi Lori, I know how you feel with your back because I have gone through the same thing. Every once in awhile it goes out and out comes the Motrin an ice/heat packs. Did you ever get your shopping done? I added more pages to Hawaii, mostly from Maui. Come for a visit when you can.


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