Monday, October 22, 2018

Josh update

It has been a while since I have posted an update on Josh.  Last I posted he had stopped taking his medicine for his depression and anxiety.  He has since seen his counselor several times and he saw his psychiatrist for his medication monitor.  I went with him to talk to the psychiatrist because I wanted to let him know about the medicine.  How it had made Josh feel and that he wasn't taking it anymore.  Anyway, Josh is now taking 2 new prescriptions.  He has been taking them for about a week.  I asked him on Friday if he was doing any better and he said he was.  He said he wasn't having nightmares anymore and he felt like they were helping his depression and anxiety a little.  He is supposed to increase one of his medications Saturday, so maybe that will help him feel better.  I do think he is going in the right direction.  I think I have said that before though, so I am praying every night that these medicines will help him.
I have just been working, nothing new to report with me.  We had parent/teacher conferences last week and those are hard weeks.  We work long hours.  We were off on Friday though.  My mom, Josh and I went to Springfield and Josh wanted to go look at books at Barnes and Noble and we ate at Chili's.  It was a rainy day, but it was nice to get out.
We are wanting to go see The Nutcracker Ballet at Christmas and tickets are on sale, so we need to get those too.
I will go and will try to get by and visit soon.  Have a nice week!


  1. I will certainly pray the meds are right for him and that he will be alright.
    I've been in the Nutcracker, but never went to a performance. Maybe I should think about going :).

  2. Since I'm new here, I don't have the history but I'm so glad Josh is doing better on his new meds. I will add him to my prayer list!!

  3. I will pray for Josh. I suffer from Bipolar Depression and it took a while until they got my meds right.
    I have currently been on the same meds for several years (20) and my life is happy and normal.
    I now go twice a year for blood levels and checks, but all is going very well.
    Good luck to Josh!


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