Saturday, October 13, 2018

Saturday 9- Unbreak My Heart

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Unbreak My Heart (1996)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Songs like this are enduringly popular in part because each of us has had our heart broken. Give us the name of a heartbreaker from your own life.  Forrest, he was a boyfriend in college.

2) Toni Braxton sings that "nights are so unkind." What did you do last night?  I went to visit my mom after work, we went out to eat and visited.

3) While this song has Toni singing the blues, in real life her love life is happier. Now aged 50, she's engaged and has been sporting a diamond on her left hand. Do you believe that a bride is ever too old to have a big wedding?  No, I think she should have whatever she wants for her wedding.

4) Growing up, Toni Braxton's parents severely restricted how much TV their children could watch each day. Ironically, today Toni and her sisters participate in a reality TV show on the WE-TV network, so TV cameras are a big part of their daily adult lives. What TV show do you try not to miss?  I am enjoying the new show New Amsterdam and I also like the re-boot of Magnum P.I., I watched the original too.  I never miss a new Hallmark movie either.

5) She is prone to dry skin and applies Kiehl's Hand Salve to her hands and arms throughout the day. Tell us about a product you're brand loyal to.  I really enjoy trying new things.  I seem to always have Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine Spray though to keep my hair in place.

6) Toni admits to being "a bit of a germaphobe," and always maintains a supply of hand sanitizer and wipes. What is always on your shopping list?  Probably things to drink and snacks.

7) While she is not shy about her body, and has worn revealing outfits on the red carpet, Toni Braxton refused a 2011 offer from Hugh Hefner and Playboy to pose nude. What's the last thing you said "no" to?  I had to say no to a Girls Trip to Arkansas next Friday.  I have other plans.  I do wish I could go though...maybe another time.

8) In 1996, the year this song was popular, Mattel introduced a Star Trek Barbie and Ken set. Have you ever fantasized about space travel?  maybe when I was little.  I have zero desire now. Hahahaha

9) Random question -- Would you (or did you) invite an ex to your wedding?  no


  1. I keep meaning to give the new Magnum a try. Were you a fine of the original series?

  2. I loved the original Magnum, this reboot makes me skeptical. I'll have to check it out, though.

  3. I love New Amsterdam too. I'm a sucker for any doctor show!

  4. I enjoyed your answers! It is always fun to see how those taking part agree or not on some of the questions. I think we have all agreed that a bride should do whatever she wants. I didn't watch the old Magnum and haven't tried the new one but we have been watching New Amsterdam. Happy Saturday!

  5. Drinks and Snacks are always on my list too. Have a good weekend.

  6. One of my dear friends loves New Amsterdam but I haven't watched it yet. I do hope you will get to go on the next girls trip, they are always such fun. Blessings abundant!

  7. I've been getting into a lot of those Hallmark movies too lately. They're low budget and kinda hokey which is why I think I like them so much.


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