Monday, December 2, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme- Shopping Days
Shopping Days

1.   What do you think of discounts and sales?:  I love them, but I really watch products because sometimes they are not really marked down much if at all.  It also amazes me how much products are marked up.

2.   What's the biggest bargain you've found?:  Nothing is really coming to mind, but probably something that was on clearance.

3.   What do you think of shopping days like Black Friday?:  Some of those deals are good, you have to watch them.  I went out in person once and I will never go again. The people act crazy!

4.   What are the good and bad things about shopping malls and shopping online?:  I shop mostly online because it is less stress for me and quicker.  You of course take the chance of someone taking your purchases that come in the mail.  I haven't yet, but I know it is a big problem.  I like the actual stores for clothes and shoes.  I like to try things on.  I can get my make-up (Ulta) and bath and body online.


  1. I am finding that I like to shop online a lot more as well. I just hate the way people treat others in the stores.

  2. Enjoyed all your answers, gave me something to take note of.
    Have a great day!

  3. I think this was the calmest Black Friday we've ever experienced. We didnt even have any lines to wait in. CRAZY

  4. Interesting questions today and so are your answers! Happy Tuesday!

  5. You're right. I saw something on sale but it was only 50 cents off. That's no sale. I do not go out on Black Friday. I shop online too.

  6. So true a sale is a farce. The prices are upt for the sale and then lowered to the actual price and shoppers fall for it. I worked for awhile in Sears as a teenager in the women's dept. and saw how it was done. Enjoyed reading all your answers. Sweet dreams dear Lori.

  7. I so hate when I know that I have seen an item at an every day price one day only to see it go on "sale" a few days later, and its at a ridiculous price! The games they play irritate me! Love your answers! Have a great week!


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