Saturday, December 28, 2019

Sunday Stealing- Looking Back

1. First things first, did you have a good year?  I think overall it was fine.  We had a lot of loss, I lost an Aunt and an Uncle as well as my heart dog, but Josh is doing a little better with his depression and we are pretty healthy.
2. If you traveled, where did you go?  We took a couple of day trips to Arkansas just to get away and have some fun.
3. Which fashion trends did you love?  I will say the jumpsuits.  I even got one for my nephew's wedding.  So cute and comfortable.
4. Which fashion trends did you hate?  Many of the bad trends do not make it to Missouri.
5. What was your favorite article of clothing this year?  I am always in jeans and a t-shirt or sweats.
6. What song sums up this year for you?  Hold on Tight- ELO
7. What was your favorite movie of the year?  We never go see movies and looking over the movies of 2019, the only one I saw was Captain Marvel.  We are so far behind.  We just rent them.
8. Did an actor/actress catch your attention for the first time this year?  no, I do not pay enough attention.  Movies do not really stick with me like books.
9. Favorite new TV show?  The Neighborhood
10. Did you make any big permanent changes this year?  I started doing all over color on my hair.  I am getting so gray!  I was just doing highlights until Thanksgiving.
11. What was one nice thing you did for yourself?  Giving myself time to relax and read!
12. Did you develop a new obsession?  Reading!
13. Did you vote?  yes
14. Did you move?  no
15. Did you get a job?  not a new job, I have a job.
16. Did you get a pet?  I still have two dogs, no new pets.
17. Do you regret not doing anything?  no, not really
18. Do you regret doing something?  no
19. Have you done anything that scared you?  probably, but nothing is coming to mind.  The stuff with Josh can be scary sometimes.
20. Did anyone/thing make you so mad it stayed with you for days?  yes, but not this year, it was many years ago.
21. Did you lose anyone close to you?  I lost my Aunt Mildred and my Uncle Alan this year as well as my dog Mandy.  Then online we all lost Toni and Marge.
22. Who was important to you this year but wasn’t important last year?  My group of friends has not changed and I cannot think of anyone that has entered my life and filled an important role unless you count online friends...I did meet Linda this year (Blogging).  
23. Who wasn’t as important to you this year as they were last year?  My friends are all important to me.
24. If you could have a do over on one thing you did, would you take it?  Not anything from 2019, but I would have taken Josh to the doctor earlier for his depression.
25. What was the best moment of the year for you?  Maybe when Josh started volunteering at the library.
26. What was the worst?  When Mandy died.
27. What are you most proud of accomplishing?  Doing everything that I have been given to seems like too much sometimes, but I can do it.
28. What have you learned about yourself this year that you didn’t know in the years prior?  I am strong and I can handle a lot.
29. What do you wish for others for the coming year?  Happiness, peace, love and good health.
30. What do you wish for yourself?  same


  1. Very sorry to hear about your dog. Losing pets is too heartbreaking.

  2. I'm sorry about Mandy. Our pets take a bit of our hearts with them, but I like to think they leave a bit of theirs with us. You have a great attitude about life in general and I enjoy reading your answers each week...always so positive and sunny. That stands out. And I agree, Linda is the new blog friend I'm happiest to have "met" this year.

    Praying you and your family have a blessed and happy New Year!

  3. I lost an aunt and a pet too.

    Let's hope 2020 is better for us.



  4. Awww...go on with yourself (grin)--you are too sweet, smiles...and I happy to have met you too...I got so lucky to have met some wonderful women who have become friends. smiles.

    I always enjoy these posts, seems like I get to know you and others more and more. Have a beautiful day, smiles.

  5. So sorry about Mandy. A pet is one of the family.
    We lost our pet years ago and I know it hurts.
    Wishing 2020 is a better year for everyone.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. I'm always in jeans and a shirt, that's what I like! I have dress jeans and everyday jeans, lol. I haven't seen it yet but I'm anxious to watch Downton Abbey the movie. I just ordered it from Amazon and plan on watching it soon. Sorry for the loss of your family and precious pet, and of course us bloggers will miss Toni. I didn't know Marge, I'm sure her followers will miss her too. Happy New Year!

  7. I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl too. Some of these questions were tough! Two of my blogging friends lost their husbands this year, and Toni. I am not familiar with Marge. I just found out my long-time friend who got me started blogging back in 2007 died suddenly. That was a shock. We just never know! On to a brighter 2020!!

  8. Hi Lori, I did Sunday Stealing at my Blogger Site. Losing a pet is like losing a child. :(


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