Saturday, December 11, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Fauxklore




1. Have you ever been caught outdoors away from shelter during a thunderstorm?
During a thunderstorm yes, a  I keep an eye on that kind of 
weather really close.  We had tornadoes Friday night.   I try to stay safe
during thunderstorms too, but sometimes I am out driving and just have
to get home as fast as I can.  I keep an eye on radar.

2. Did you ever build furniture forts as a child?  Yes, with blankets and chairs.

3. Do you use any medicines daily?  yes.

4. When was the last time you used a disposable camera?  I am thinking Josh's
first birthday or maybe a wedding around the same time.

5. When was the last time you flew on a plane?  never

6. How many first cousins do you have?  only 6

7. What’s the longest period of time you’ve gone without sleep? only like
36 hours or so.  I stayed up one time to study for a test.  I only did that
one time.  I sleep pretty good, so I am usually able to get to sleep.

8. Did the house you grew up in have a big yard?  yes, very big.  The
house next door to us burned when I was little and my parents bought
the property next door so that would never happen again.  It almost
burned our house too.  Anyway, I had my yard and that yard to play in.

9. What has been the most difficult class you’ve ever taken?  Probably
trigonometry. I am not good at math.

10. What’s something that’s much more difficult than a lot of people realize?
loss, everyone deals with loss differently.  It can cause trauma, depression, 
it can change your life.  I am talking any kind of loss...a death, job, marriage, etc.

11. What are some things a house would need to have for you to purchase it?
large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fenced in yard.  We have a large bedroom in 
our current house and when we looked at houses in the past, we could not
find a house with bedrooms as big as ours, so I didn't like them.

12. Would you ever go out in public wearing pajamas?  no, that is not something
I would do.  

13. Have you ever had a lemonade stand?  no

14. Do you think you look older or younger than your real age?  I am told I look

15. Where have you lived throughout your life?  I lived in Kansas for 6 months
up around Kansas City and the rest of my life has been in Missouri...5 years
in Joplin for college and a job and the rest in the Springfield/Branson area.


  1. I enjoyed your answers! Hope you have a great day today.

  2. Smart of your parents to by the property next door!

  3. Our students must keep us looking young. Mine never believe me when I say my age--I've had to show them my license to prove it. ;)

  4. 36 hours! I can't imagine going that long without sleep.

    You asked about my skincare: I exfoliate every AM with a scrub (mild oatmeal on clear-skin days, salicylic acid-infused on break-out days). Then Body Shop Vitamin C booster or Origins Clear Improvement cream after cleansing (face and decolletage) . I finish with Principal Secret Daycream (face and decolletage; been using it for YEARS and I love it) and Clinque Eye Repairwear. Between the Body Shop/Origins and the Principal Secret, I brush my teeth and blow dry my hair to let it set. I know it sounds like a lot, and it is, but I'm battling wrinkles and zits. And I spend my days competing with 30 year olds, so it's worth the investment.

  5. Seems like a lot of us are not good at math.

  6. Math seems to be a problem for many of us. I think it's a societal thing. Girls are not expected to be good at math, or they weren't when I was growing up.

  7. Ditto math! Another fun bunch of questions for us! Have a blessed week ahead, Lori! xo

  8. I'm so glad we don't get tornadoes. I've seen what happened in Kentucky - that sounds terrible.

    Trigonometry - I understand why people find it tough - but I@m one of those people who didn't really struggle with it.





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