Saturday, November 5, 2022

Sunday Stealing


Yes, I'm back!


 1.    Have you ever written to a celebrity?  Did they respond?  I do not write celebrities.

 2.  Do you read letters immediately, or wait until ready to reply?  immediately read and think 

about what I want to write back to them.

 3.   My preferences when it comes to reading.  thriller, romance, historical fiction.

 4.   What I'm least likely to change my mind about. politics

 5.   The topics I would get wrong about during trivia  geography

 6.   What I'm hopeful about right now?  a new curriculum I just started at school for 

social emotional growth in children.

 7.   Philosophies I've learned/embraced from others.  inclusion and how to create 

classroom community.

 8.   What makes home feel like home? family

 9.    Talents and skills I like to cultivate.  my teaching craft.  I am always trying to

make how I teach better and more effective.
10.   What makes my heart race  public speaking or doing something new.

11,  What power means to me  responsibility

12.  Come of my comfort hobbies.  reading

13.  Last time I was pleasantly surprised.  Friday, my Principal talked to me about my 

observation she had just done.  She told me she loved coming into my classroom and watching 

the kids learn.  She told me I did a very good job teaching.  That made me happy.

14.   How was my October 2022?  It was busy and fun with all of the events going on at school

and Karl and I went to visit Silver Dollar City for the fall festival.  The Christmas lights start

today.  Josh had to go back to work after being off for the week and they put up all of the lights.

15.   Those who inspire my growth  My Principal and co-workers at work and my husband, son 

and mom at home.


  1. Congrats on the words from your principal. It sounds like you are a great teacher!!

  2. I know how meaningful it is to get such feedback from your principal. That's fantastic.

  3. I like that you call teaching a "craft." I think that's true. Congrats on the kudos!

  4. My wife's a teacher, so I'm always interested in educational experiences.

  5. I think you are a great teacher, Lori! I enjoy your posts so much! Nice that your principal recognizes how good you are at your 'craft'!! xo

  6. It certainly shows that you love your work and I think that's so great. I am so happy for you that the principal knows how good you are!!

  7. I know what you mean about public speaking. I've done it many times and I hate it.





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