Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Tuesday 4-Pets



 Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 

Let's talk about pets okay?  Some people love them, some can't be bothered and some dislike them. Where do you stand?

1  Do you have pets?  Yes, I had 3 dogs, but I am down to just one now.  Meisha. She is a black lab.  Here is a picture of Meisha below.

2. Did you have a pet growing up? Tell us about it please.  I had a shi'tzu named Kai and a parakeet named Pretty Boy that talked all of the time.

3.  Are pets too much trouble, or , do you find neighbors pets to be a problem?  Pets are not too much trouble, I find them easy enough to care for and neighbor pets do not bother me at all.  I do however have a very hard time parting with them when the pass away.

4. Do you think dogs make good housemates, watchdogs? Do you think women living alone need a dog for security or companionship?  They are great company no matter your age.  My dogs have all been great for security.  They always bark when people come.


  1. yup, its hard when they leave us. Too hard really. black labs are so beautiful. I wouldnt mind one myself.

  2. Yes. The hardest part of pet ownership is having to say good-bye. Meisha is so pretty! Birds can be fun, too, but are a lot dirtier!! I enjoyed your answers, Lori! xo

  3. I enjoyed your answers this week. Your pup is a cutie

  4. I agree Lor, so hard when they die. Grieving for them is really hard.

  5. Meisha looks like a sweet doggy. You have a good attitude about having pets. I think because we just never were able to keep our pets in the house and other complications of moving, etc., we just gave up on having pets. I would love to have a dog or a kitty if I lived alone, but I don't want to rush that scenario! LOL. For now we enjoy our kids' "grandpups" and that is enough for us. Like regular grandkids, you can love them and then send them home for all the messy stuff. LOL.


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