Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Tuesday 4 Meme- Candy



 Another Tuesday has arrived bringing you another Tuesday 4 kept in memory of Toni Taddeo.    Let's discuss sweets.. candy, cakes, pies, pastries,  all manner of confections.

1. What are your favorite candies?

I like Lindt chocolates and skittles (not together).

2.  What kind of pie, cake and pastry tempts you the most?  My favorite dessert is pie.  I like almost any kind of pie.  I really would like to have some peach pie right now.  I like coconut cake and chocolate cake.  I like pastries, but I can do without.

3. How often do you have dessert? Or how often do you bake goodies?  I do not have a home cooked dessert very often.  Just special occasions.

4.  Your choice for dessert today:

  1. New York Cheesecake
  2. Tiramisu
  3. Cannolis
  4. Chocolate Mud Pie
  5. Creme Brulee
  6. Hot Apple Pie with Ice Cream
  7. Churros con Chocolate
  8. Big Brownie with hot fudge sauce, ice cream and whipped cream.

Which one are you picking from this menu?  I have not tried all of those and as big of a sweets fan as I am, I would like to try them all.  Of the ones I have had, I would pick hot apple pie with ice cream.


  1. I think you made a very wise choice.. you know an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

  2. I'd like to have some of each of them but I'd be a blimp when I was done! I love coconut cake too.

  3. Apple pie with ice cream is a great choice. Enjoyed reading your answers.

  4. Give me chocolate cake and Esther Price candies, especially the turtles.

  5. You mentioned peach pie, and now I want some! Or a good peach cobbler, made with fresh peaches, of course. 'Tis the season...I need to go looking for some real fresh peaches...not the store bought kind. They are hard to find, but they sure are worth it. Have a blessed week and summer. Is school out for you yet? Enjoy!

  6. Hi........
    I really like lemon meringue pie/tart and cheesecake, also brownies oh and a nice caramel tart or slice, I like a number of sweet things but that's ok no law against it and if there was too bad..............

  7. Gosh, everyone seems to love apple pie. It is last on my list. What's wrong with me?!! LOL I enjoyed your answers! xo

  8. Loved reading your answers!! Have a great day.

  9. Ohh my did I forget to add lindt chocolate...white is my fave. I LOVE white chocolate.


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