Thursday, July 31, 2014

the dryer is fixed!!

Josh went shopping with my mom early this morning. They met a friend for lunch also.
I had to stay home in case the dryer man came. I did manage to get my online training done I had to do for work. One is for child abuse and one is about technology. We have to do them every year. I am glad to have those done. I also contacted a couple of parents about school starting, but just ones I can contact by e-mail or on facebook. I really need to call the rest of them tomorrow and get a hold of our bus driver also.
The dryer repair man did come today, so as you can imagine, I have been doing laundry. I want to get all the rugs cleaned before I go back to work and probably the bedding (comforters) again also.
I need to get my driver's license renewed also. I have one last week off for summer. It makes me so sad. I doubt I teach summer school again next year, it just made my summer too short. We shall see.
Ok, I decided to share the bathroom pictures with you, but the wall paper is hideous. I know this. We just haven't made it to that room yet. There was wall paper everywhere. We have most of it down now. This is the bathroom Josh uses and also the main guest bathroom for the house.
This photo is the one on the left by the shower curtain. The as you go in the door on the right above the light beside the sink are these pictures:
The funny thing about these things are I found the shower curtain and the pictures at the Dollar General. It was a cheap re-decorate. I was tired of the other stuff I had in there and I really do like these colors.
I better go. Have a great evening.

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  1. Lori, I think the bathroom looks great! I know the Dollar General gets some great deals in sometimes, & makes it easier to decorate little things. I actually think the wallpaper is pretty, but I guess if you've had it awhile, then you're more than ready for it to go. Enjoy your last week of being off from school! Hugs


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