Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Unconscious Mutterings

I found this Unconscious Mutterings over at Toni's Blog. The link to the Unconscious Mutterings site would not open for me, so I couldn't get a link.

Unconscious Mutterings
I say ... and you think ... ?

1.Strong :: Man
2.Bathing :: Beauty
3.Title :: Conclusion
4.Tick Tock :: Clock
5.Dispute :: Disagreement
6.Magazine :: Article
7.Stupid! :: Dumb
8.Safely :: Carefully
9.Reposition :: Move
10.So wrong :: Bad

Josh's appointment went fine yesterday at the Orthodontist and he did not seem to be in much pain afterwards. When we got home we had the guy come out to check on the dryer. It is a pulley, and was only $30 or so, but with Labor...$150. I am ok with that. In this case, it was cheaper than replacing the dryer. The part comes in tomorrow and it will be fixed then also. My car was around $350, so I am actually ok with that also. I never have any trouble with that car, so if it has a problem every now and then I can handle it. It was the water pump and a belt on it.
I also got a phone call yesterday from the church that helps us at the preschool. They buy us snacks for our kids and this time she was wanting a school supply list. The parents I have are lower socio-economic, so this is really helpful to them to not have a huge school supply list and snacks to buy for their child. I love this little church and they actually make me excited to be at the preschool. I did go down there and make a list for them, but then I came home.
It is raining today and let me tell you...we need it. My friend Natalie may drop by later, but that is all I have planned today.
OH!!! Yesterday I got a wild hair and redecorated one of the bathrooms. Ok, just so you know, I re-decorated our house about two years ago except for this bathroom, the kitchen and Josh's room. Well I got the bathroom done yesterday and I love it. I would post pictures, but there is wallpaper on the wall that I hate. I want that down. It isn't anything spectacular anyway, just different and I really like it. I guess I better go. Have a great day!!
I am posting this siggie today because the Fair is happening right now here. I think Judy Made it, she made most of my siggies. Thanks Judy!!


  1. Cute siggie!! I enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know a bit more about you.
    Glad your dryer didn't need replacing. They are so expensive nowadays!

  2. I'm so glad to read that the dark clouds had silver linings and didn't cost you a fortune to have repaired! That is so very cool of the little church to do that for the lower-income families. People are suffering now days and it's only getting worse. They need all the help they can get. Very sweet!

    I hope you decide to post pictures of your bathroom. I love seeing decor photos. lol Hope you're having a great day! hugs

  3. Judy made my siggies too. (My phone didn't like the word siggies and made it doggies) I wanted the front door painted and wanted to clean the carpets last week but it stormed here. Now that I am back to work it is warm again. Oh well. My phone died last week and I believe that now comes under musts like car repair and appliance repair. :-)

  4. Hi Lori! When does school start for you guys? It starts in less than two weeks here. It is really nice that you have a church willing to help out with school supplies and snacks. Sorry about all your out of pocket expenses. We had to get our dryer fixed about six or eight months ago. Definitely cheaper than buying a new one. I'm happy to see so many friends back to blogging. I went through a long period of time where I wasn't blogging much, but I never wanted to give it up completely. It's nice to have friends to visit again. Hope you have a blessed Thursday! xo

  5. Hi Lori! Yes, I made that siggie. I still make a lot of fact, I'm offering one at my blog right now. I'm glad that your cost to repair the dryer & the car wasn't more. Sometimes we have to fix things in life - never fun to use our money to do so, but just something that has to be done. Off to read your next post now! Hugs


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