Monday, September 10, 2018

checking in...

I ended up taking the day off on Tuesday after Labor Day because I was still sick.  I am doing much better now, but I still have a cough.  I felt so terrible last weekend.  I just wanted to sleep.
Josh quit taking his medicine this week.  He said it was making him sleep too much and it was making him sick.  I am not sure what he means by that.  He has a more normal sleep cycle now, but he is back to staying in his room all of the time.  The doctor said he could prescribe another medication or he could wait to see his psychiatrist.  Josh wants to wait.  He does not go to see him until October.  This all stresses me out.  I just pray about it and hope that one day he will be better.
I finally got to go and visit my mom on Friday.  I have had that training for the past two weeks for work and have been coming straight home.  We had a nice visit.  She has made me a wreath for my birthday.  I am excited to see it.  She is going to bring it up on Tuesday.  She is coming up to get Josh and they are going to go eat lunch together.  I will share a picture of it next week.
It is so funny.  Toward the end of the week I started really looking forward to blogging over the weekend!  I always enjoy it, but I was excited to get home and blog.  I am so glad to have this outlet again. 
My birthday was yesterday-9/9.  I did not do too much.  We did eat my favorite Chinese though and that was really good!


  1. Morning Lori. I pray all gets better for you and Josh. I love your new theme too. Looking forward to seeing a photo of your wreath. I'm waiting for my Autumn wreath to show up too. Take care and be blessed without the stress today dear Lori. Hugs

  2. Hi Lori, I love your new blog theme! I normally change my blog around this time but I will wait. I will be praying for Josh. There are so many medications and hopefully one will work for him. Praying for you too! Belated Happy Birthday! Hugs

  3. Happy Birthday! I am praying for Josh and hoping things get better for him. It must be so hard on him.
    I hate when colds linger on and on. sometimes they never seem to end.


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