Saturday, March 20, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Blog Challenge



Blog Challenge
1. An unforgettable day in my life.  I am going to go with 9/11.  Josh was 3 years old, I woke up
that morning and looked out the window and thought it is such a beautiful perfect day...not a
cloud in the sky.  I got on my computer and a friend in Australia was asking "what is going on
in the US"?  I turned on the Today show to see the first airplane hitting the world trade tower.
Josh watched the Nick Jr. channel while I was freaking out.  I remember the whole day and how
scared I was and many days after that as well.

2. My favorite snacks  chips, but it depends on my mood which ones and chocolate.

3. My biggest fashion accessory  I wear a scrunchie in my hair a lot, my wedding ring and my
watch. I do not wear accessories much anymore.  Sometimes a scarf in the winter.

4. My biggest celebrity crush  It was probably Keifer Sutherland at one time.  When he was in
24 saving the world.

5. One Hobby I would like to learn  piano

6. My OCD habits  since covid, I have to wash my hands, sanitize them and then lotion them.
I do this a lot more than in the past.  I am a handwasher too working with kids, but it is in 
overdrive now.

7. If I could eat one last meal  I have thought about this before.  I see shows where they ask the
person on death row what their last meal would be.  I really do not know.  I have a lot of favorites.
If I could eat my Granie's cooking again though as my last meal, that is what I would do. 
She was an amazing cook.

8. Working on my fitness  I need to do that.  During covid I walked everyday and when I went back
to work and I am eating healthier, but not working out.  It doesn't seem to matter, I still need to
lose weight.

9. What I spend money on  I spend a lot of money on bath and body candles, soap and hand
sanitizer, I also spend a lot on beauty products from Ulta.

10. My favorite recipe  I think we just had a question like this, I do not use recipes very often,
but a favorite item for me to make is lasagne and cheesy burritos.

11. The best part of each season  spring- everything is turning green and blooming and getting
warner, summer is fun because we can swim and stay out late also 4th of July, fall the leaves
changing and the holidays, winter I enjoy Christmas and snow.  I enjoy them all.

12. A life lesson I’ve learned  forgive and forget

13. My inspiration to blog-  many years ago...about 20, I was part of the country graphics
community.  We all had little country family websites and decorated them regularly.  I met
a lot of friends that way.  My friends SusanGloria, Kat, and Tammy are still blogging and
Wynne is back sure to welcome her back to blogging.  My friend Toni, who we
lost a year ago was in that same community. Well at some point we started blogging, and to 
be able to stay in touch, I started blogging. It was hard, that was a big community. Many of
those friends are on facebook now, but it isn't the same. I kept my blog over the years and I 
have met new friends like you!  I love meeting people and we help each other so much.  I love
learning how other people do things and what they use for products, etc.  I love the diversity
of it.

14. What’s inside my closet?  Lots of clothes and shoes.

15. Let me brag a minute.  I was on Spring Break this past week and I was able to get a lot done.
I got my hair cut and colored, went to the chiropractor, got a gift ready for my co-worker Tina...
her birthday is coming up and she made such a big deal of my 50th birthday, it is her turn now. 
I got the house cleaned and put away Winter decorations from outside and put out Spring.
I cannot wait to plant flowers, but I do not do that until May.  It is cold here still.  I love getting
things done on breaks. I read a book too.  Oh and Josh and I ate in an actual restaurant Tuesday 
night. We have been ordering take-out, but we ate in the restaurant this time.  The restaurants are
open here and have been, but now we can say we ate out for the first time since covid.  It was
kind of nice.


  1. I enjoyed all of your answers. I think we all remember 9-11. That was a terrible day and it certainly changed a lot of how we live these days. Wow, I am happy you were able to eat out in a restaurant finally! I am sure that felt good to be able to do something "normal" again. I was not around in the "country graphic" stage of things. I've wondered how some of you do those cute little graphics, but I guess it's something beyond my abilities...or let's say I just don't think I could spend the time on it, but I love to see what others have done. Very creative!! Glad you had a nice spring break! Yes, it is time for spring! Hooray!! Have a blessed Sunday today!

  2. I like your answers, #2 sounds like me.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

    1. Forgot to mention that our Chinese buffet is open for eat in.

  3. For us, its just the simple things like eating in a rest. that make it "normal" again. I hope you have a beautiful week ahead. smiles

  4. Your Spring Break sounds great! OUrs is still weeks away.

  5. Hi Lori, thank you so much for mentioning me today! I really do miss those original blogging days and all the beautifully decorated sites. It was a very special time. I totally agree that Facebook is definitely not the same. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Glad you were able to do so much last week. Have you had the vaccine or are you just hoping you won't get sick?

    I love the story of your inspiration to blog.

    1. Bev, the school is hosting a vaccine clinic on March 26th. I am planning on getting the first shot that day...which is Friday. :)

  7. Lori, my Grannie Kelly made THE BEST fried chicken. Oh, how I would love to dive into her fried chicken again! I'm sure it was the lard that made it so good!! I started blogging on back in 2007 on Multiply. When it went away, I (and a few friends) moved to Blogger. Glad you got to eat out. Our restaurants have been open for several months now and I am much more comfortable going out now that I have my two shots done. Still careful but more comfortable. I enjoyed your answers and love your fun background!xo

  8. 9-11 was so rough. But in ways June 6th and the Capitol Insurrection was just as bad...

  9. I still don't have my vaccine so we aren't eating in restaurants yet. I remember everything about 9-11, too. I agree with Bud that Jan 6 is a close second, along with the Challenger disaster, in my lifetime.

  10. 9/11 was definitely unforgettable.

    Glad you’ve been able to get out and enjoy,

  11. Hi Lori, I sure enjoyed reading your answers. I was going to do SS, but I was so tired that I didn't. I also had grandkids since Friday. I am so glad we got to meet through country graphics. I still have my site up and I like to go and read through the memories. I take things from there to put on her. Someday I will have to let it go. I still have the page I did on 9 11. We went out to eat on Saturday and it was nice. We have had both our vaccines now, but still have a couple of weeks until the safety zone. Have a great week!

  12. I remember 9/11 too - I was at work and somebody sent me a text message. By the end of the afternoon, most people were watching the news coverage on TV. A shocking day. A colleague of mine as actually in New York on the day it happened.





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