Saturday, March 27, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Cooking



1.  How often do you make food and eat it?  4-5 times/week.  I am not home on Friday, I am 
visiting my mom and we usually eat out one day on the weekend.

2.  Do you consider toasting bread, preparing instant noodles, or boiling an egg to be cooking?
Why or why not?  I do.  Those skills are needed to be able to put meals together and even 
though they may not be hard to do, they are still part of cooking.

3.  What’s your favorite dish to make?  lasagne or cheesy burritos.

4.  Cooking or baking: what’s more fun? What’s more difficult?  I enjoy cooking more, but
only because baking takes so much more time.

5.  Who did most of the cooking in your house when you were growing up?  my mom, but my
dad cooked a lot too and anything I learned about cooking was from him.

6.  How have you learned the cooking skills that you have?  My dad from baking and my
Granie from cooking with her at her house.

7.   Have you ever taken a cooking course? If so, what did you learn? If not, would you like
to do one? What would you like to learn?  I would love to take a cooking course.  I would
just like to learn to make good easy things...or even how to bake some new things.

8.   Have you tried cooking food from another culture? What did you prepare? How was it?
Not really.  The Mexican dishes I make are probably Americanized.

9.   Is it cost-effective to do your own cooking? Can you save money by cooking?  I think it is
more healthy to cook at home, but probably more cost effective too.  I do think you save
money by cooking.

10.  Would you rather do the cooking or do the washing up afterwards?  I enjoy cleaning
up more.

11.  Do you use recipes to cook? If so, where do you get the best recipes? Do you get them
from friends, family, online, or from cookbooks?  I make up recipes or learn from other
people.  I do not follow recipes when I cook.

12.  Have you ever tried to prepare some food and just totally ruined it? What happened?
That has never happened so far.  I did catch a pan on fire once, but I was able to
save the food.

13. Do you prefer cooking at home or eating out at a restaurant? Why?  eating at
a restaurant. We are tired when we get home from working all day.  

14. Is cooking a social activity for you? Do you like to do it with other people, or do your prefer
to do it alone?  I like to cook either way.  Karl and I both cook during holidays and
that is fun.

15. Do you have a lot of cooking equipment? How often do you use it all? Do you have any
pieces of equipment that you rarely ever use?  We have some casserole dishes we do not
use as much as we used to.  I do have a lot of stuff for cooking, but we do use a lot of it.


  1. I always enjoy your answers.
    How did you catch a pan on fire?
    Have a great Sunday.

    1. I am not sure. I was frying chicken and something happened with the oil and something popped and a fire started. I was able to get it out fast. Something happened to the burner.

  2. I wish I’d been able to salvage what I burned ...

  3. Interesting questions and answers today! Hands down, I would rather eat out than cook for just me (now). Even with two of us, I cooked for six and we always had leftovers. Have a good week ahead! xo

  4. Cooking classes are great because you get to eat the food that they are teaching you to cook. I loved my Chinese cooking classes.

  5. Cooking classes would be fun, I think. But I don't really enjoy cooking for just myself.

  6. Great answers, Lori. I did the meme, too.. my first one, and it was fun! Have a lovely Sunday. ((hugs))

  7. Hmmm, my other Google account keeps going active lol. 'Unknown' post above is me, Lori, sorry (Wynne).

  8. Great answers. I do enjoy eating out but due to cost we limit it to one day a week most weeks, and that is at an inexpensive family restaurant here in our town on Sunday after church. But I do like to be waited on! I don't mind cooking, but I like to sample other people's food too, so when we entertain a large group, everyone brings something and we put it all together. I usually do the main course. I am not a fancy cook, hubby prefers simple meals...would be happy with one-pot meals all the time if I'd let him. I don't recall my Dad ever cooking anything. My mom did it all and worked full time. He could make a sandwich and fix his own cereal. That's about it. LOL. My hubby can do a little better, but he doesn't since I am retired and have no excuse! LOL. Have a great week.

    1. My dad was a teacher, but in the summer he was a cook at a restaurant and my parents owned a restaurant when I was little. My dad was a great cook. So is my mom though. He was a football coach, so not home at night during football season, so my mom cooked.

  9. Great answer to #2. Sounds like you do better than I in the cooking department.

  10. Mrs PM also makes things up, sometimes successfully but sometimes with a combination of foodstuffs that should not go together.

    I'm sure a lot of chefs work that way too.





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