Friday, October 8, 2021

Saturday 9- She's Not There


She's Not There

Saturday 9: She's Not There (1964)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a young man who is upset his friends didn't warn him against a girl who turned out to be untrue. Have you ever involved yourself in a friend's love life with advice about a relationship?  no, I stay out of stuff like that.

2) According to legend, this song was inspired by a girl who called off her wedding just weeks before the ceremony, humiliating her fiance and breaking his heart. Do you know anyone who was similarly left at the altar?   no.  I am thankful I do not know anyone that was left at the altar.

3) The Zombies first played together as a bar band, popular at an English pub called The Blacksmiths Arms. What's the name of your favorite local restaurant or bar?  I do not go to bars anymore.  I enjoy going to Chili's and Applebee's, but a favorite restaurant might be El Lago a Mexican restaurant.

4) The Zombies broke up after a few years but put all acrimony behind them in 2019 when they reunited to perform at their induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Have you ever been to Ohio?  no.
5) While 1964 is remembered as the first year of the British Invasion, when rock bands from the UK dominated the airwaves, it was also the year Barbra Streisand became a major star, featured on the covers of both Time and Life. Are there any magazines in your home right now? If so, who is on the cover?  I do not get magazines anymore.  I  did when Josh was a baby.  I worked out all of the time, so I had Shape magazine and my Granie subscribed me to a cooking magazine when she was living.  There is a  Missouri Conservationist in my classroom (a magazine) for the kids to look at.

6) Also in 1964, actress Ena Hartman became one of the first African American actresses to have a speaking part on the country's top TV Western, Bonanza. Is your TV on right now, as you answer these 9 questions?  Yes, Karl is watching the baseball playoffs...Boston and Tampa Bay are playing.  I am going to bed when I am done with this.  It is Thursday night as I fill this out.

7) The "It's a Small World" ride was introduced at the 1964 New York World's Fair. It's now at Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Hong Kong. Have you ever taken one of these Small World rides?  I have been on the one at Disney World.  I love that ride.

8) General Douglas MacArthur's memoir was published shortly before his death in 1964. It became a best seller. Was the last book you finished fiction or non-fiction?  Malibu Rising.  I have talked about it in another post.  It was a very good book.  I liked it a lot.  

9) Random question: You find yourself calling the local garage often to get updates on your car repair. Every time you call, the person who answers the phone is abrupt to the point of rude. Do you: (1) let the person know you'd appreciate a change in tone; (2) ignore it; (3) complain to the boss?  I would ignore it.  I don't think #1 would get me anywhere.  It would just make the guy more angry.  I try to remember people may have had a bad day, or maybe they are going through something at home...and on and on.  You do not know what people are going through.  I would not complain unless they took me to an angry place myself, which doesn't happen very often.


  1. Hi Lori, looks like we both like Chilis! You made a good point on that last question!

  2. I'll have to check out Malibu Rising. In the past we've read the same books. (Didn't you LOVE My Lovely Wife?)

  3. #6 I was on the Cape during the Boston and Tampa and that was all the Boston station talked about. And the Patriot game... Oh my they started covering the game a week before hand.

  4. We were just at Chili's last week. Love there 2 for 25 thing.

  5. I really enjoyed Malibu Rising--did you?

  6. Hope you're having a good day. Agree with you on #9.

  7. My Sat9 is different from yours! How did I goof that up? Enjoyed your answers! xo

  8. The answer to 9 is perfect; mindfulness of others, especially as the world gets harder to deal with, is the best place to store our emotional selves. It helps to keep things from escalating. I hope that makes sense..
    Hope your weekend is beautiful.


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