Friday, October 1, 2021

Saturday 9- Cheeseburger in Paradise


Cheeseburger in Paradise

Cheeseburger in Paradise (1978)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Jimmy briefly attempts a healthier diet, which included sunflower seeds, carrot juice, zucchini and bulgur wheat. Do you pay attention to your daily consumption of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc.?  not really.  I really should.

2) Jimmy sings that he'd like french fries with his burger. Do you prefer to dip your fries or drizzle the ketchup over them?  dip.  My dad always drizzled my fries with ketchup when I was a kid and I didn't mind it, but I prefer to dip them now.  I don't like getting ketchup on my fingers.

3) Which cheese would make yours a cheeseburger in paradise: American, cheddar, Swiss, bleu, Muenster, or Monterrey Jack?
I typically like American, cheddar or Monterrey Jack on burgers.
4) Buffett fans call themselves Parrotheads. Concert attire for a well-dressed Parrothead often includes a Hawaiian shirt and a foam fin hat. What will you be wearing tonight?  I am very casual on the weekend.  We do not usually go out and do anything, just rest. I will likely have on sweats and a t-shirt.
5) For someone with such an easygoing and laidback vibe, Jimmy is a very busy man. His business ventures include liquors, restaurants and hotels. He's also published eight books. All this in addition to making music! On a scale of 1 to 10 -- with 1 being lazy and 10 being highly motivated -- how would you rate yourself this morning?  Well on a Saturday I am going to be a 1.  I am closer to a 10 all week.  I rest on the weekend.  

6) Jimmy has some very famous fans. Paul McCartney asked him to play at one of his parties, and Barack Obama invited him to perform at a fundraiser. If you could invite anyone -- anyone at all! -- to play at your party, who would you ask?  I really do not know.  I do not have a favorite singer.

7) Jimmy was born on Christmas Day. Does your birthday fall on a major holiday? If yes, do you mind "sharing" your special day?  no, my birthday was September 9th.  I guess it is close to Labor Day.

8) In 1978, the year this song was popular, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was first minted. The initial design was not a hit with the public because vending machines could not accept it. What's the last thing you bought from a vending machine?  Barq's Rootbeer.  That is a story in itself.  

9) Random question -- If today's your birthday, your zodiac sign is Libra. When did you last check your horoscope?  I never check my horoscope, but when I did, I was probably in high school or college.  I am a Virgo.


  1. If you're a 10 all week, you deserve at least one day at 1!

  2. #8 I love Barq's Rootbeer, but haven't had a soda since I was diagnosed with diabetes.

  3. Barq's was my favorite drink as a kid!! Barq's was invented in Biloxi, Mississippi--the "big city" of my childhood, haha. It used to come in these beautiful heavy glass bottles, with this neat crosshatch design on them.

  4. Barq’s root beer, haven’t had that in a long time

  5. I try to have one low-key day on the weekend, because I run full steam all week (teachers get what you're saying).

  6. If we did not have grandkids, we probably would be home more than we are! Tonight we are going to their church school event. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I would venture to say you are probably a 15 all week! Teachers are amazing! I enjoyed your answers!! xo

  8. So as a Virgo, are you super neat and tidy? My son (and my mother) is a Virgo and is super neat and tidy. I'm an aquarian and drive him nuts.

    1. I used to have to have everything neat and tidy when I was younger. My house was always clean. I am so tired now, I just can't keep up with it. I do prefer things to be neat and tidy though. I love summer when I can keep it that way. :)

  9. I haven't had a root beer in so long! You deserve to rest up on the weekends.

  10. Diet Coke is my drink of choice, but when a restaurant only has Pepsi I will either have iced tea or root beer. A good cold one is a treat! My Saturdays are usually low on motivation, too, but that wasn't an option today. It's been go, go, go. I don't check my horoscope, either. I stopped believing in it years ago.


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