Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tuesday 4 Meme- July 4


July 4


Happy Fourth of July and welcome once again to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4!     

Let's talk about Independence Day.

1. In previous times every family read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights on July 4 to keep in mind the huge price paid by a minority of patriots  for freedom and liberty.    What do you think about this tradition?  I hope you will institute it and value it.  It is so important.  I think it is great.  In fact, I think Linda had told me about this or she does it.  Anyway, I had heard about it and did this one year.  I think it is a great reminder of what these documents actually say.  I think we should all be doing this.

2. Fresh made lemonade was a huge deal in the Midwest when Laura Ingalls Wilder was a young girl. It was a very special treat.    Every family brought a dish to the town celebration.     What foods and drinks will you have on this important day?  We may grill out hotdogs and hamburgers, but Josh is working and Karl and I will need to stay home and be here with Meisha because she is scared of the fireworks.

3. Will you be watching fireworks.. a great American tradition on this day?  They are deeply rooted in the American tradition. We will stay home and make sure Meisha is comfortable.  She gets so scared.  She will crawl into Karl's lap and her body shakes.  She is a lab.  We may watch fireworks on tv.  Here she is resting on the couch.

4.  Will your flag be out?  Do you own one?  Yes!

 Quick 4th fact: Did you know that the term Commander in Chief cannot be used except in times of Congressionally declared war? A president has no authority over the military until then. 


  1. It is so sad what the pets have to go through on the 4th of July.

  2. I hope your doggy was okay last night. I know the noise can be very frightening. Our neighborhood was quieter than usual last night...we went to bed and weren't bothered at all. Hope you have a blessed and wonderful week.

  3. I enjoyed your answers and hope Meisha made it through the fireworks. Have a good week, Lori!

  4. I hope Meisha was okay, I think it was easier for most pets when fireworks were limited to some parks only with no homes around.

  5. We had the same meal. We have the same issue with your dog. At least we have left overs!

  6. I enjoyed your answers. When my daughter lived at home and had her lab...she wasn't necessarily scared of them, but she didn't care for them either. I always used a little bit of lavender essential oil to calm her and it seemed to work.


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