Friday, November 17, 2023

Saturday 9: Last Train to Clarksville (1966)


Saturday 9: Last Train to Clarksville (1966)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) When did you most recently take a train?  We only have trains for the tourists at amusement parks here and one that takes people just on a short ride.  I was on the amusement park one last October.  I do love trains.  We want to take a real train ride some day.

2) The lyrics promise "coffee-flavored kisses and a bit of conversation." Have you more recently had coffee, a kiss, or a chat?  chat

3) The record opens with a guitar riff inspired by The Beatles' "Day Tripper." Can you play guitar?  no

4) The lead vocals are performed by Micky Dolenz. He is the only surviving member of the Monkees. Without looking it up, can you name his bandmates?  I am not super familiar with The Monkees, but I do know Davy Jones.  Josh recently showed me one of their tv shows.  I do enjoy their music.

5) The Monkees starred in an award-winning sitcom for two seasons. In Season 2, Micky surprised fans by appearing with a curly perm. Do you curl, straighten or color your hair?  I color it.

6) Micky also did a stint at WCBS radio in New York. He spun the oldies every morning and helped his listeners get ready for work. Do you turn on the radio or TV when you first wake up?  TV, I like to catch the weather every morning.

7) Micky's daughter, Ami, followed her father into show business, appearing in several movies and a recurring role in General Hospital. If you followed your father into his profession, what would you have done for a living?  I did follow him into his profession...both teachers.  He taught typing and business machines as well as a football coach and I teach pre-K.

8) In 1966, when this song topped the charts, miniskirts took the fashion world by storm. What have you recently added to your wardrobe?  I bought some new jeans, a new shirt and some pajama bottoms.

9) Random question -- You order chicken noodle soup and a packet of saltines arrives with the bowl. Do you: 1) break the crackers into pieces and stir them into your soup or 2) squeeze them in your hand and sprinkle the crumbles into your soup or 3) leave them untouched?  This question is so interesting.  Ok, so crackers with the soup...#1.  However, if I were eating chili, I am totally a #2 person.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Aren't there trains to Busch Stadium? I imagine it would help with traffic jams around game day.

    I think it's lovely that you're a second-generation teacher.

  2. The train still runs through our town, but there aren't as many as their used to be. Back in the day you could hear them coming and going all day long. I love that Josh introduced you to the Monkees show. Everyone should know the Monkees! lol

  3. How interesting that you followed your parents into teaching.

  4. Tim loves the Monkees and introduced me to them way back when we first got together

  5. I'm a second-generation teacher, too!


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