Friday, January 3, 2020

Saturday 9: Keep Me Warm


Saturday 9: Keep Me Warm (2014)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

Here's our first Saturday 9 of 2020!

1) Are you feeling warm and cozy as you answer these questions? Yes, I am!

2) This time of year is important to college football fans. Are you watching/have you watched any of the Bowl games this year?  no, not into it this year.

3) Crazy Sam's been cold/flu free so far this winter and credits the Echinacea she takes every morning. Her brother insists she's wasting her money. Do you take any herbal supplements?  no

4) In the video for this song, Erin Bowman is singing in front of lights and ornaments. Are you sorry to see the decorations slowly disappear? Or do you think they should all come down right away?  We take our Christmas things down on New Year's Day.  I hate to see it come down, but that is my chance to clean the house really good before I head back to work.

5) She sings about socks, a scarf and a sweater. Tell us about your favorite sweater.  I have a sweater that is cream colored and it has subtle sparkles in it.  It has black sheer material at the bottom giving it a layered is super cute.

6) Erin credits her 8th grade choir teacher for believing in her and giving her a solo. That helped give her the confidence to go into performing professionally. When you were in 8th grade, did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?  no, I didn't even know what I wanted to be when I was in college much less 8th grade.  It was years before I became a teacher.  I had to go back to college.

7) This song has been used in commercials for McDonald's and Turner Classic Movies. What commercial have you seen recently? Was it on TV or online?  I am watching tv right now...commercials and all, but nothing is memorable or catching my eye.  I enjoyed the U.S. Cellular commercial over Christmas with the guy singing "switched and got a phone for free...falalalalalala...with no activation fee falalalalalalalala".

8) In 2014, when this song was first released, we lost both Joan Rivers and Robin Williams. What comedian always makes you laugh?  Kevin Hart

9) Random question -- There are two performers in the trapeze act: the one who flies through the air and the one who catches the flier. Which would you rather be?  neither.


  1. Good answers, Lori. Fun questions! I bet you have mixed emotions about going back to work after having a couple of weeks off.

  2. I enjoyed your answers. I am kind of nervous about going to work or finding a job--especially after not working for 20 years. smiles.

  3. Reading your post I did happen to remember a commercial I lvoed that I saw before Christmas.. It was the HObby Lobby one of the mother who went to her nursing job. late hours and her son saw all taht needed to be doen before Christmas so he hocked a gamer toy, for the money to buy decorations for the tree and he did his laundry before mom came home that night I loved that commercial.. hae a great rewt of the year with your kiddoes!

    1. Thank you Schotzy about the reminder of the Hobby Lobby commercial, I love that one too.

  4. Hi Lori:
    First time for me to participate in Saturday 9 and it was fun.
    Enjoyed your answers and have a good week.

  5. Your sweater does sound super cute!

  6. I'm a sweater fan, but it's too hot for sweaters in NYC today. Practically spring weather.

  7. Ha. We did have the same commercial. Guess that says it is a good commercial! Happy New Year!

  8. The sweater sounds really cute! Neither. We both want the same job at the circus! lol See you tomorrow for Sunday Stealing.


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