Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tuesday 4 Meme-

                Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? 

Here we go:

1. Have you built snowmen, women or even entire families of snow people like little sister Tootie did in Meet Me in St. Louis? 
Did you use a carrot for the nose?   Tell us all about how it .  No, we have mostly only built snowmen and once we built a snow dog when we first got Mandy.

Are you hoping for snowmen to melt soon in hotter weather?  Tell us about your favorite time of year and please let us know why you love it. List some ingredient of that season that make it special for you.  My favorite season is actually summer.  I enjoy being home with my son Josh and doing fun things and going places.  I cannot do that very often when I am working.  I enjoy reading and the sun is out most of the time.

Remember bundling up as a child? It took so long to do then you had to go potty and all those layers had to come off again!
Is dressing up something you enjoy doing ?  Why?  I do not love dressing up, I am not very comfortable when I am dressed up.  I do on special occasions dress up though.

In Frozen, the little girl desperately wants to reconnect with her sister and reminds her of the happy times of building snowmen.  Are you disconnected from anyone you'd love to reunite with?
What happy times with friends and siblings brings you fond memories and smiles to you?  I am not disconnected with anyone I want to be reconnected with.  I love to go out with my friends and laugh and have a great time.


  1. Hi Lori, I saw you post so I wanted to say hi. I haven't done my post yet for Tuesday 4, but I did post. Enjoy your week!

  2. Blech on summer, LOLOLOL. I enjoyed your answers, Lori. Have a great day, friend. smiles

  3. I love meeting up with my friends too, lots of sistership and laughs!

  4. Fun questions for northern bloggers but not so meaningful for those of us in the warm south. I did my best though, and enjoyed your answers!

  5. I hear you on spending time with kids. It is the best whatever the season. I appreciate you joining in and enjoyed your answers. The blog looks so cute!

  6. The summers off were definitely the best part of driving a school bus. I kind of miss that, but am hoping the part-time hours will make me miss it less. I like having the time to do things with the grands now. I enjoyed your answers today. Have a blessed evening!

  7. Enjoyed reading your answers! Blessings for a great rest of the week! :)

  8. Summers are the best, I am ready for it to get here... I want to go kayaking!! Have a great week!!

  9. Enjoyed reading your answers. A snowdog would be a great idea to build.

  10. A snowdog? How creative! Were you sad when he started to melt?

    1. No, Mandy was a puppy, so I was all about her. Snow doesn't last long where I live, so we are used to it being gone quick.


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