Friday, January 10, 2020

Saturday 9- Sultans of Swing

Sultans of Swing

Sultans of Swing (1978)

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here

1) The song begins by mentioning how it feels to shiver on a rainy night. As you answer these questions, is it chilly ... or rainy ... or dark?  It is all of the above.

2) The lyrics describe a bar at closing time, when the owner announces, "Goodnight, now, it's time to go home." Can you recall a time when you lingered until you closed the joint?  I have been at bars at closing time once or twice back in my college years, but I do not typically close a joint down.

3) This song was written years before it was recorded, back in the days before Dire Straits was a success. Composer/lead singer/lead guitarist Mark Knopfler recalls that, when he was working on "Sultans of Swing," he was worried about paying his gas bill. Is anything troubling you this Saturday?  My heart is very heavy for Australia.  I am praying.  It is just heartbreaking.

4) When this song was popular, Sam often played it on the jukebox because, well, who doesn't like Dire Straits? 40 years later, both that  jukebox and the bar it was in are gone. Have you recently been in a restaurant or bar that has a jukebox?  no, I haven't

5) In 1978, the year "Sultans of Swing" topped the charts, Garfield first appeared in newspapers all around the United States. Over the years, it was revealed that the cartoon cat loved lasagna and hated raisins. What's a food you love? What's one that you hate?  I love General Chicken and I hate Creamed Corn...not cream corn in a can, but a recipe called creamed corn...there is a story there, maybe I will tell it another time.  I thought I was going to puke.

6) One of People magazine's top-selling issues of 1978 featured Carrie Fisher and Darth Vader on the cover. The article celebrated the theatrical re-release of Star Wars and announced that the cast was on board for a sequel. How many Star Wars movies have you seen?  several, but I do not care about them enough to know how many or which ones.  I watched them with my husband.

7) The most popular movie of 1978 was Grease. What's your favorite song from the Grease soundtrack?  Oh no you don't...I love that whole soundtrack!

8) In 1978, Yves St. Laurent made fashion news by putting his female runway models in menswear-inspired suits, complete with neckties and pocket squares. Do you know how to tie a windsor knot? Can you fold a handkerchief into a pocket square?  I do not and my dad was great at it.  I wish I would have had him teach me.

9) Random question: You're visiting a friend. He graciously offers you the use of his super-expensive, brand-new luxury sedan for the duration of your stay. Do you take him up on it? Or do you rent a car instead?  I would feel better renting a car worrying I would mess up their nice car.  It just depends.


  1. I want to hear the cream corn story! Yup, so sad for Australia and they've arrested over 200 people for setting the fires. Lots to pray about lately.

  2. Oh, I want to hear that story, grin.

    There sure is a lot to pray about , lately, smiles.

    P.S. I love your penguin siggy.

    Have a great day, friend.

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    1. Oh, I want to hear that cream corn story too.
      I agree with Linda and Ann, there is a lot to pray about.

  4. I loved, loved, LOVED your answer to #1. How to describe what's going on outside our windows?

  5. I want to hear the creamed corn story, too. There are many bad things happening in the world. Unfortunately, bad things have always happened in the world.

  6. Australia is tragic. Just tragic.

  7. Australia's plight really is heartbreaking. I can't imagine what on earth those people who set fires on purpose were thinking. All those animals...all that property. Thank God the loss of human life has been small...considering.
    You and I can just sit over here on the side and sing our way through all the songs from Grease and like you, I like the movie not the musical.

  8. I agree with the weather - crappy here too! I am also praying for Australia - it is so devastating to imagine what the people and wildlife are going through there!!! Sooooo super sad!


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