Friday, November 20, 2020

Saturday 9- Walking on Broken Glass


Saturday 9: Walking on Broken Glass (1992)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Annie sings that she feels she's walking on broken glass. What's the most recent item you broke?  I have lanyards I connect my masks.  That way I can pull it down and breathe when I am alone, but it is right there in case someone walks in and I can pull it up.  Anyway, I broke my black one.

2) She sings about being cut until she bleeds. Tell us about a time you needed stitches.  I have never had stitches.
UPDATE:  Yes I have...I had a c-section and I had stitches then... I am reading blogs and I am remembering these things.  It was actually quite painful when they took them out too.  I also had gall bladder surgery and those did not have to be removed, but they closed me up  in some way.

3) This week's featured artist, Annie Lennox, was born on Christmas Day. Do you know anyone whose birthday falls on a holiday?  My mom was born on Thanksgiving her birthday is not on Thanksgiving every year, but some years it is.

4) When Annie met Dave Stewart, with whom she'd form the duo The Eurthmyics, she was living in Australia and staying in a tiny apartment called a bedsit. The occupant has his/her own combination bedroom/livingroom with cooking facilities, but must share a bathroom. Tell us about one of your early apartments.  My first apartment was with a friend from college named Julie at The Park Apartments.  It was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom.  It had a kitchen, dining room, living room and a little porch.  It was nice.  I had the big bedroom, so my bedroom had a door into the bathroom and I had a walk in closet.  I loved that apartment.  

5) After the Eurythmics broke up, Annie went out on her own. Would you rather work independently, or as part of a group?  I enjoy both.  I get a good mix where I work too.

6) Among her many honors, Annie Lennox was named chancellor of Scotland's Glasgow Calledonia University. What's the last college campus you visited? What brought you there?  I think the last college campus I went to was in Springfield at Missouri State when I was taking classes and getting certified to teach.

7) In 1992, the year this song was recorded, compact discs outsold cassette tapes for the first time. Back in the day, did you enjoy making your own mix tapes?  YES!  I loved making mix tapes.  I kept them for a long time too.

8) Also in 1992, Johnny Carson made his last appearance as host of The Tonight Show.  The catchphrase, "Here's Johnny!" was associated with the show. Can you think of another popular TV catchphrase? "This is Jeopardy"
9) Random question: Think of your past week. Now look ahead to the coming week. Would you like it to be more, or less, exciting?  Less.  Covid is kind of going crazy, so there are several teachers out and several kids at the high school too that are covid positive.  I am ready for Thanksgiving Break.  I am worried about going back after though.



  1. "This is Jeopardy." So sad. I watch Jeopardy this week and am amazed that Alex is just a couple of weeks from dying.

  2. Our public schools have not opened up. Things are not getting better. I have a lot of mask because I make them. I made a Disney one last week. This week I am going to make a Christmas one. Stay safe!

    1. We have been open the whole school year and it actually hasn't been too bad until now.

  3. You have NEVER had stitches? I bet as a mom and a teacher, you appreciate what a rare and wonderful child you were!

    What's your mom's astrological sign? I was born at the same time, and some astrologer's INSIST I'm Sagittarius and others say Scorpio.

    Stay safe!

  4. I enjoyed your answers Lori.
    Have a great Saturday my friend.

  5. I think at this point we all want 2020 to move on, grin. Have a beautiful day friend. smiles

  6. I'm fascinated that you've never had stitches!

    And I know exactly what you mean--same situation--for #9.

  7. It is hard when you are born on a holiday. My nephew's daughter was born on the 4th of July and every year they have a party for her and it is like... You're coming to Bea's birthday party, right? And I'm thinking all the 4th of July parties my friends are having.

  8. I enjoyed your answers. My mother was born on Jan. 6th, which is also known as "Epiphany", but not a holiday. However, because her birthday was so close to Christmas, she didn't always get many gifts for her birthday. But her family always took down their Christmas tree on her birthday, and so that also became our family tradition growing up. I still kind of do that, but if I get tired of it sooner it comes down. The only kind of stitches I've had were from surgeries. I hope that your school will be safe after the holidays and that you will be able to return safely. Praying the covid doesn't get worse over the holidays. Yes, we are all ready for 2020 to be GONE!!

  9. It was fun to read your answers. Yes, BE GONE 2020!
    And about the GB surgery, you likely had arthroscopic surgery, like me. They glued us, literally, back together. the little Mysteries and Marvels of Modern Medicine.
    My birthday is right before Christmas, and like your mother's family, my mother always baked me a cake and had a party for me, even if it was just the family. Enjoy the holidays with your family, Lori. Lots of Love.

  10. I had gallbladder surgery, too, but they "glued" my little incisions. No stitches or staples.

  11. I am so sorry you must deal with the Covid concerns. It is frightening, I know. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!


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