Saturday, November 14, 2020

Sunday Stealing- Something different


Thanks for the suggestion by Country Dew, I'm going to start posting Sunday Stealing
 on Friday  instead of Saturday, to give everyone more time to answer.
Something different.  Many (most?) Sunday Stealing people post photos to their web site
so I thought I would try something different this week.  The “answers” will all be photos,
something you've taken or something you've found somewhere else.
1. Something held together with ribbon, string, or rope.

2. Something related to travel.

3. Someplace people gather

4. Something cold/frozen

5. Something with a hole in it.

6. Something striped

7. An animal.

8. Something cute.

9. A food.

10. Something warm


  1. I enjoyed your pictures Lori! I remember when Josh was little like that and cute Mandy! That enchilada looks good too!

  2. Great pictures, but I'm craving an ice cream sundae now.

  3. Great I am craving donuts, s miles. Have a beautiful day friend.

  4. Thanks for sharing your pictures especially the one of Josh when he was little.
    I enjoyed all of your answers today.
    Have a great Sunday my friend.

  5. This one was a lot of fun coming up with pictures. Lovely photo of you and your son!

  6. I love the something cute best - he is adorable!

  7. Very cute cute photo! The fireplace looks so inviting.

  8. This was sure a fun SS today, with pictures instead of words! We both picked donuts for #5! Have a good week ahead!

  9. Oh! That ooey gooey plate makes me crave cheese!

  10. What a cute little boy! Is that your son? And I love the dream catchers!

  11. Josh is cute in both the younger pictures. I'll bet now that he's a handsome devil.
    Your dream catcher is so beautiful. I have a tiny one on the jewelry hanger to remind me to think calming thoughts as I fall asleep.
    A donut is the BEST thing with a hole in it. tasty!

  12. that plate of food.... yum
    cute is right

  13. That fireplace looks so cozy. I especially love the pillar candles.

  14. Hi Lori...A very nice grouping of 10 Somethings for Sunday Stealing. Love the Dream Catcher photo with the lovely sunset background. The food looks really good, too.


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