Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday 4 Meme- Kind to All Creatures


Kind to All Creatures

Hi! Welcome to Tuesday 4 begun by Toni Taddeo and kept in memory of her.
Lets discuss Kindness 

1. Do you put up birds houses or have a bird feeder or bath?   I have a bird feeder.

2. The bible says your domesticated animals are to eat before you do since they cannot
provide for themselves , what pets do you have and when do they eat?  I have 2 dogs
and they eat in the morning and the afternoon when I get home from work.  They
always eat before I do.

Do you feed the birds in winter?  I try to remember to do this.  Sometimes my
birdfeeder goes empty and I forget to fill it.  I was really good when I was home
about feeding them.

How can we show kindness to others? Suggestions?  Listen and help out if you can.  Include 
others, make new friends.  Try to be understanding of other's feelings.  Don't be a jerk.


  1. I'd never think of you as anything but kind, Lori. :) Have a blessed day!

  2. I love the advice"don't be a jerk". It is wisdom for the ages!

  3. I love your don't be a jerk! That sums it all up perfectly I think.

  4. We must learn to put ourselves in other people shoes. Enjoyed reading your answers. Take care.

  5. I laughed when you said "Don't be a jerk" cause I can think of a couple of times I was. More so in my younger days. I am sorry can go a long way!

  6. Don't be a jerk... yep!! I enjoyed your answers, Lori!

  7. Don't be a jerk...LOVE IT! Smiles. Have a beautiful day friend. smiles


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