Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday 4- Fun Times


Fun Times

Hey friends! Welcome to our Tuesday 4 where we remember our friend
Toni Taddeo with 4 questions each week. This week is all about fun times.

Did you as a child or do you now like amusement parks, going out to places 
of entertainment? (theaters, themed parks, etc.)  Where I live there is a theme
park called Silver Dollar City.  My mom worked there when I was a kid as
an accountant, so we were able to get in free.  I was there so much I do not
get very excited to go now.  It is a neat park though.  It is set at the turn of 
the century (1900's) 
and in this area, so there are
Bald Knobbers (Ozarks vigilantes) at different rides,
etc and each ride has a story.  The Bald Knobbers were
real people that started out protecting the area after
the Civil War, but they went bad, they were around
from 1883-1889.  You can click on the picture of the Bald
Knobber to read or listen to more about them. The park
has water rides, roller coasters a train that gets robbed 
by these Bald Knobbers and a boat ride through a cave.
This area is known for it's caves. The park also has it's
own cave which is gorgeous called Marvel Cave. It has
grown so much that there is a Christmas festival and a
fall/Halloween festival.  We also get free tickets working
at the school, just never go anymore.  Maybe I will soon.

Which rides/parks did you enjoy the most or what snack foods to you enjoy
when you are out and about?  I enjoyed Silver Dollar City as a kid and probably 
Fire in the Hole is my favorite ride.  The history is the fun part of this park.
Fire in the Hole is a roller coaster...a small one where the Bald Knobbers are out
and terrorizing the town setting it on fire.  My favorite snack there is a funnel cake.

When you were a kid, what activities /games/places brought you the most
enjoyment? Would you share with us a fun time or great trip that you've experienced?
My friends and I loved going to Silver Dollar City and White Water (water park), but 
we spent the most time on boats at Table Rock Lake.  We had so much fun as kids.
There were so many days spent with friends, I cannot really pinpoint only one. 
Here is the lake.  This is a huge tourist destination and Branson is close also.  Branson
has all of the music shows and White Water.  I feel very fortunate to have grown up
with so much to do.  I was super bored when I went off to a "normal" town 
to go to college.  There was nothing to do.  If you are interested you can click the 
lake image below and it will take you to a page for "things to do" where I live.  It 
is currently showing a picture of Silver Dollar City at Christmas which is quite an 


  1. Sounds like beautiful places to visit where you live! And Silver Dollar City sounds like a lot of fun...something different than Disney! I'm glad it is still able to be a prosperous place! I've never been to MO., but it sounds like a wonderful place. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. You have a lot of options there! Those Christmas lights are beautiful! We have Disney and Universal and Busch down here but rarely go. It was the same when I lived in the DC area. We rarely went to the Smithsonian, for instance. After work, who wants to go back into the traffic and deal with the crowds?

  3. That is cool that your mom worked there and you got in free!

  4. Sounds like a great place to grow up. Theme parks always seem to do it up big for Christmas. Lovely photos.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood! Places do lose their attraction when we go too often, but you were lucky to have that opportunity. Loved your answers today. Enjoy the rest of the week :)

  6. It sounds like a wonderful place to grow up. The lake is beautiful and I'd love to visit that, but for photo opportunities now not boating!


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