Saturday, March 6, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Alec Clayton


Alec Clayton




1. Do you put ketchup on hot dogs?  Yes

2. How many TVs in your house?  4

3. Do you put salt on watermelon?  no

4. Can you swim?  yes

5. Are your parents still alive?  my mom is

6. First car?  Ford Fairmont

7. Surgeries? tonsillectomy, c-section, gall bladder removed

8. What do you drink in the morning?  Pepsi 

9. Can you do 100 push ups?  no

10. Can you change a tire?  no

11. Tattoos?  none

12. Do you wear sunglasses?  yes

13. Do you have a phobia?  snakes and mice

14. Do you have a nickname? Ray Ray

15. Are you a picky eater?  a little bit


  1. I definitely can't do 100 pushups and I
    can't change a tire.
    Have a nice day.

  2. No way on the pushups, lol. I hope you have a lovely day, my friend. smiles

  3. Mice (rats) so forgot about them..... Loved reading your answers!! Happy Sunday!

  4. My drink of choice upon awakening is diet pepsi!! When we have traveled out of the country I always find a little store within walking distance of the hotel and upon arrival I walk and buy drinks. In Israel, they only have Coke Zero so that had to do in a pinch

  5. You and my cat share a nickname. Literally, "Rey-rey" was the first thing I said aloud today!

  6. I used to be a fussy eater but now I'm willing to try new things.

  7. I've never understood why people are scared of mice - but phobias are irrational aren't they?




    1. Yes, exactly and I am afraid of them because they move so fast. I think that is my most irrational fear. We have a lot of poisonous snakes here, so that is legit.

  8. Ray Ray? I like it. It fits your personality, I think.

    1. One of the teachers started calling me that and some of our sped kids started calling me that too because they think it is my name. 🤣🤣

  9. Snakes, no thanks. But mice are cute...sometimes.

  10. Hot tea for me, then water the rest of the day except iced tea for lunch usually. Can't do pushups anymore. No tattoos, no real phobias. I live in Florida...snakes and spiders, etc. are a way of life, so I just stay very aware of them. Not a fan of mice or rats for sure, but still, not a phobia...just don't mind eliminating them...and cockroaches...LOL
    Good answers, Ray Ray! :)

  11. I guess I should have answered the phobia question differently because I'm scared absolutely too death of snakes and mice. Have a joy filled week!


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