Saturday, July 24, 2021

Sunday Stealing- My Favorite Things



1.Your favorite songs  current songs would be Bang by AJR or songs by the
Jonas Brothers. I also like Twenty-One Pilots and Imagine Dragons

2.Your favorite bands  favorite current bands are listed above.  I do not like 
a lot of current music though.  I love The Cars, Mettalica, Guns & Roses,
Black Sabbath,  Queen.  I like older music and music from the 80's.  
I listened to The Pet Shop Boys some this week.

3.Your favorite actors or actresses  I am not that into actors and actresses
to have favorites.

4. Your favorite books  books by Fannie Flagg, Riley Sager, Heather
Gudenkauf, Greer Hendricks, Karin Slaughter, The Silent Patient
was a great book, Before We Were Yours, The Woman in The Window, 
Necessary Lies and Anxious People is a good book too.

5.Your favorite movies  I can't say I really have favorite movies.  This would 
be a great question for Josh and so would the actor actress question.  He
has definite opinions and he likes classic movies.

6.Your favorite TV shows  I have been enjoying several on Disney + lately, 
I also like The Good Doctor.  I have quit watching several shows due to 
political agenda.  I am not interested in hearing that stuff when I am
trying to watch tv and relax.

7.Your favorite foods/drinks  Mexican and Chinese food and Pepsi or Sweet Tea.
Your favorite kitchen appliance  Microwave

8. Your favorite animal  dog

9.Your favorite scents   bakery scents (sugar Cookie, blueberry cheesecake,
pumpkin, apple pie, etc).

10.Your favorite things you do in your free time  read, watch tv or play

11.Your pet peeves  People that lie or are mean.

12.Things you collect  I don't really have a collection, but I buy a lot of 

13. Things you like to swap  Books

14. Places you've been  San Antonio, TX, Orange Beach, AL, Kissimee FL, 
many places in Oklahoma and all over Missouri.  I have visited 
Arkansas and Kansas too.

15. Places you'd like to visit  I want to stay in a winter cabin in Tennessee
or Colorado (mountains),I also want to go back to the Gulf....or Florida.
It seems Florida is cheaper, but I would rather go back to Orange Beach
or Gulf Shores.  Maybe we can do all of those things in the future.

16. classes you liked in school  French, Chemistry, choir and choraliers

17. crafts you would like to learn  everything

I accidentally filled this one out for last week, so I did not if you
are seeing this thinking...I already read are right.  I didn't have 
time to do it over last week.  I have been so busy with teacher trainings
for school and running my mom to her doctor's appointments.  Josh has
birthday coming up in a few weeks, so we went to the mall last week too.
I am doing my best to keep up.  Have a nice day! ♥

I also just finished the book People We Meet on Vacation.  I LOVED
funny!  I was laughing out loud.  See over on the right in the books I just 
read area if you are interested.  It is romance.  I know!  It wasn't a thriller.
That is a shocker for me to read anything but thrillers.  I did get my hands
on The Maidens though. ♥


  1. I learned a lot of new things in reading your entry today!

  2. I never thought you and I would have anything in common - but we both like Imagine Dragons and 21 Pilots. Cool. I saw the latter in concert here in Melbourne, pre-COVID. They were great - do a fantastic show.

  3. In total agreeance over #6. We have been turning things off just because of this. I hope you have a beautiful day, friend.

  4. We definitely agree on #8.
    We are leaving for Colorado on July 31.
    Have a good Sunday.

  5. Fun answers to fun questions. I had to chuckle about your favorite music groups. The only ones I've heard of are Metallica, Guns & Roses,
    Black Sabbath, Queen, and of those, I only know music by Queen (I do like their music). Have a good week ahead, Lori!

  6. Excellent music choices! We would be good to go on a road trip together. LOL We like the same scents, too. All of my candles and waxes are food or fruit scented...except for the one pine scented one I burn at Christmas so it smells like we have a live tree. People We Meet on Vacation is on my to-read list. Good to know it's good. I love funny books. Enjoyed your answers. Have a good week, Lori!

  7. I love a lot of the bands you've listed.





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