Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tuesday 4 Meme- Blogging



Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 kept up in her memory.  This week the
questions were supplied by Pamela Steiner... Here we go, let's talk about

1. Tell us about your blog. When did you start blogging?  This blog was
started in 2010 as I look over at my blog archive, but I was definitely
blogging when I went back to work in 2005.  I have had 3-4 blogs. 
I have had this one the longest.  Susan will know the answer to this
question.  I started about the same time as she did.

2. What prompted you to begin blogging?  I had my country family website
and many of the girls started blogging.  The country graphics community
was all about keeping up with the latest and greatest website tricks, so
most of us followed over to blogging.  I do not think any of us used blogspot
at first, I used geocities and was able to use my country graphics.  I shortly
moved over to blogspot for my second blog and I was able to use my country 
graphics there as well.  I then moved to wordpress and Jana Gursofsky
helped me get set up with my country graphics.  She started back to work
a few years after that and so did I.  I ended up letting my domain go and 
came back to blogspot.  By that time I did not have time to keep up with
how to do the HTML for country graphics in blogspot and so I started
using the blogger templates.  The old country graphics are more my style
like Susan uses.  My graphics are all gone now.  My computer crashed at
one point and I lost almost everything.  The short answer to this question
was I started blogging to keep up with my country graphics friends. 
We were able to get to know one another better by blogging and at that 
point people stopped updating their country websites as much and put
their time in blogs.  I sill blog to keep up with my country graphics 
friends, but now to meet new friends too.

3. What was your first blog about and why did you choose
that subject/title?  My first blog was called The Ray Family Blog, since my
website was title was The Ray Family Website, I thought it would be
easiest to find me by keeping a similar name.  I think my blog was mostly
about what Josh and I were up to.  I blogged everyday for many years.
Then I pretty much stopped and thanks to these memes, I am able to blog
a little more regularly.  My blog archives says I only made 7 posts in 2017.
I remember those days.  I felt so bad and missed everyone so much. I mostly
would post in the summer when I was off those years I did not make many
posts.    I am almost positive it was Toni that started doing the memes again
and I decided to at least do those.

4. How has your blog changed over time, and has it done for you what you hoped
it would do in the first place?  My graphics have changed and my content has
changed. When I was blogging everyday I would post what I was doing and 
what was coming up.  Josh was little and had started school, so I talked
about him a lot.  Then I moved to blogging more about myself when I was
taking my college classes and working full time.  Now I mostly just do
memes.  Toni made up memes back in the day too and I loved doing 
those then too because I would just do the meme for that day and I 
would have more to write about the next day.  She had a couple.  Here
is her linkie to one of her other ones besides Tuesday 4 Meme.
(Creative Adventures) Was that meme about writing prompts?  
Does anyone remember?  It seems like she gave a prompt and we would 
write a short story using that prompt?  I may be completely wrong...hahaha 
She had another one that was I say a word and you say...that one was easy.
I always did that one.  I am not a good writer though for Creative Adventures. 
Toni was so talented in so many ways.  Gosh, I miss her.  Here is her linkie...I
found it in my images here at this blog, so there is a post somewhere at this 
blog using this meme.  I found a couple in 2011...if you look in the comments
Toni made a comment and so did Marge.  They are both gone now from this 
earth, but they are together in heaven.  Click the linkie to see the post:

Pam, thank-you for these questions!  I am always so happy when I get to think
back on those country graphics days.  That was such a great time in my life, 
getting to stay home with Josh, but also meeting people from all over the world. 
I have only met two online friends in person, but we will all be together in heaven!


  1. Hi Lori, you and I both have that special time in our hearts. I sure miss Toni too and Marge. I still have the Christmas cards we all exchanged. I am glad we can still stay in touch. Some day I will have to give up my website. I need to copy things from it. I remember you writing about Joshua when he was little. Have a great week!

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing your link to Toni's Creative Adventures. I would LOVE to see that one recycled and used again. I was late to the party and had just started doing the Creative Adventures when Toni quit doing it because not very many participated. I would love to see the prompts again and revive them. Maybe you could share them for us to do again? I know you are a busy lady. How could we do that? Would anyone else be interested I wonder/ I am glad I am getting to know you here. I wasn't a part of that early graphics community. Y'all are a lot smarter than me! Thanks for joining in this one today. Blessings.

  3. GeoCities in the late 90's was my first experience with on-line journaling. I had forgotten that. Teaching myself HTML, etc. has been fun. Never did make my own graphics. I'm not an artist but I am good at 'cut' and 'paste'. *lol*
    Enjoyed your answers.
    Blessings. xx

  4. Hi Lori:
    I love all of your answers today.
    I am grateful you setup my blog and taught me how to keep it updated!
    I miss our country websites too, but love meeting new blog friends.
    Have a great Tuesday my friend.

  5. Blogging has come a long way. And I do it because I enjoy the people and blogger I connect with. Have a fun week.

  6. It sounds like a lot of you did the Country Family Website. It sounds like it was fun. And I enjoyed your Creative Adventures post too. Loved hearing how you got started. These posts have been so fun today.

  7. I knew nothing about blogging back in 2005. Your journey is so interesting. Since we are retired and don't do as much as we use to do it is nice having these posts with questions to keep the blog going. It has been an amazing place to make friends.

  8. You were one of my first friends in the country graphics days. I miss the community! I actually wrote a bit about that on my answers, too, and my mom!

  9. I arrived early to the blog scene too. I don't ever remember hearing about the country family website, but I'm glad you were able to make the move here with so many of your friends from there. We had to learn so much technical stuff to do things on blogs back then, I don't know how I ever figured it all out!

  10. Gosh, I remember Geocities. I had a website there 22 years ago! Yikes! Now I feel really old. Haha!

  11. You have been doing this a long time! I don't know anything about Country Graphics but am glad that got you started and here you are today! I enjoy your posts, Lori! xo

  12. I never got into the graphics, but I remember them being EVERYWHERE at one time and they were so darn cute that I loved decorating my blog with them. I just didn't realize you all had such a big community built around it. Listening to you talk about the old days brings back such good memories. The blogging world was a lot smaller back in the early 2000's and I think we got to know each other a lot better back then. Gosh, in looking back, we were really like pioneers breaking new ground and changing the way the world relates to each other. I enjoyed your answers and thanks for the memories, Lori!

  13. You started much earlier than I did, though if I had begun then I am not sure what I would have said.
    Enjoyed reading your journey.


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