Saturday, October 2, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Facebook Questions


Facebook Questions  

1. Do you like bleu cheese?  I do not think I have ever had it.

2. Coke or Pepsi?  Pepsi

3. Do you own a gun?  no

4. Hot dogs or cheeseburgers?  cheeseburgers

5. Favorite type of food?  Mexican

6. What do you drink in the morning?  Pepsi...I do not like hot drinks, 
but I need caffeine, so Pepsi it is.  I do not drink caffeine after lunch.

7. Can you do a 100 pushups?  no

8. Tattoos?  none

9. Do you wear glasses?  yes

10. Phobia?  Mice and snakes because they move so quickly.

11. Piercings?  just my ears.

12. Can you whistle?  yes

13. Surgeries?  tonsillectomy, c-section, gall bladder removed.

14. Like gambling?  no

15. Do you like to dance?  it is ok.  I am not really that good at it.


  1. Pepsi for breakfast? That is something I couldn't do.

    I love Mexican food too.




  2. Had Mexican last night--we have these great taco shells here, the brand is La Tiara. Super thin and crunchy. Yum!

  3. Mice/rodents... how could I forget, those little buggers freak me out!! Happy Sunday!

  4. I usually drink coffee but I’ve been known to have a Diet Pepsi in the morning on occasion

  5. I can't imagine any soft drink in the morning, especially not Pepsi.

  6. I used to drink soft drinks in the mornings, too, then switched to tea. Now it's just water water all day long.

  7. I have one caffeine drink per day. Usually an iced coffee.

  8. Fun questions and I enjoyed your answers! I'm surprised at how few coffee drinkers there are! Wishing you a blessed week ahead, Lori!

  9. Great answers! I stopped drinking sodas about 10 years ago. But my favorite was Dr. Pepper.


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