Monday, February 11, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme- What, Was, Would And Do
What, Was, Would And Do

1.   What was the best thing you have ever bought?  I was able to buy my Grandparents car when my Granie passed away.  They bought it brand new and put hardly any miles on it.  It is a Toyota Camry and I just love it!  I feel like I have a connection to them with that car and of course it drives great still!  My Granie had put it in her will that I have the first opportunity to buy the car.  My cousins were not happy.  The money went to my mom and Uncle.

2.   What was the best book you have ever read?  I love To Kill and Mockingbird for a more serious read and The Great Gatsby for a fun read.

3.   What would you like to have in 2019 that you lacked in 2018?  We bought a lot of new things we are still paying for from 2018...the yard make-over and the new furniture, so we probably will not make any big purchases unless something breaks.  The next would be the stove or the washer or dryer.  What I really want is for Josh to start getting better from his depression and anxiety.

4.   What do you wish you have done more of in life?  Trying things that scare me...bungie jumping, ziplining...stuff like that.  I might have as a teen, but I do not think I would now.  I am pretty scared of heights now.


  1. I am not scared of heights, but you won't find me bungy jumping or zip-lining! Yikes! How great that you have your Granie's car. I know it makes her happy and am sure she is watching over you when you drive it.

  2. We share the same thin on #4.. I have never been a risk taker!!

  3. No bungy jumping for me but I agree that I also took more risks as a kid.
    I hope Josh gets better too. Prayers...


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