Monday, February 25, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme- About Your Day

About Your Day

1.   Was yesterday better than today? Why?  I am writing this on Monday evening, so yesterday was Sunday...yes it was better...I did not have to work.  Hahahaha

2.   Can you live a day without a TV or Cellphone Texting?  Tv- no, cellphone texting-yes.  I do not text everyday even though I do enjoy it.  I do however have several tv shows I like to watch and the St. Louis Cardinals are back on tv!  I do enjoy quiet time too though.  If I had to I absolutely could and have.

3.   What items could you not go without during the day?  hand lotion, lip balm...I use Blistex..gum, pepsi.

4.   How do you relax in the evening after dinner?  I watch tv or do some computer time...or both.  If Josh comes out of his room, I visit with him.


  1. Happy Very Early Tuesday Morning Lori. LOL! I too am thrilled that baseball is back. I got to watch the Yankee Spring Training game on TV today. They won. :) Enjoyed your other answers too. Have a blessed day ahead my friend.

  2. #1 is the same for me!! While I watch alot of TV shows, I could do a day without the TV.. my phone not so much.. its with me constantly.. which is sad really! Have a great Tuesday!!

  3. We DVR lots of TV shows, so if I didn't watch for a day, my favorites would be there waiting for me... ha ha. I could go for a day without TV or my phone (and have!). Fun questions!

  4. Love reading how other bloggers do things. I find other things to do without TV, but not always easy LOL


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