Friday, February 22, 2019

Saturday 9- No. 9 Dream

Saturday 9: No. 9 Dream (1974)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) John Lennon liked the number 9. It shows up in three of his songs (in addition to this song, he performed "Revolution #9" and "The One after 909" with the Beatles). He was born on the 9th of October, as was his son Sean. Coincidentally, "No. 9 Dream" hit #9 on the Billboard chart. Do you have a favorite number?  no, not really

2) The phrase repeated in the chorus, "Ah bowakawa pousse pousse" means nothing. It's gibberish that John sang until he could come up with "real" lyrics for this melody. Then he decided he liked the sound of it, so he kept it. Can you think of a word that's fun to say just because you like how it sounds?  I like to say shenanigans, it is just fun.

3) John referred to "No. 9 Dream" as an example of "craftsmanship writing." A snatch of the melody just came to him and he got it down on a tape recorder, wrote lyrics, arranged it and recorded it in short order because he needed another song to finish the LP, Walls and Bridges. What's the last thing that you did because you were supposed to or you had to, and not because you wanted to?  It is a long story, I was going to write about it, but it was way too long to explain, so basically wrapping a bunch of gifts in a really short amount of time...I had to be somewhere.  I like to do things right and make things look nice.

4) Yet once "No. 9 Dream" was recorded, it became one of John's favorite of his solo songs. He loved its ethereal feel. Tell us about something that turned out better than you thought it would.  Last summer my husband and I worked on our house...he did all of the hard work and I did the cleaning up of the house inside (deep cleaning).  He put up a privacy fence and a gazebo in our yard.  Our yard went from looking trashy in a way to looking really nice.  I say it turned out better because I had no idea it would look so good.  He did a phenomenal job.
5) When he was working, John drank a lot of tea, as many as 30 cups in a day. Do you take your tea with cream, sugar, honey, or lemon?  I only drink cold sweet tea.  Hot tea is ok if it is really sweet, but I never drink hot drinks.

6) During his reclusive years (1975 to 1980), John didn't have household help, preferring to take care of his young son and housework himself. He did, however, have a chauffeur on call around the clock. If you could afford to a staff of one, what single thing would you have him/her do?  cook

7) When John was a boy, he requested water colors and colored pencils for his birthday and at Christmastime. Do you recall a special birthday or Christmas gift you received as a child?  I asked Santa for a doll house one year.  My Papa made me a doll house, it is so beautiful, he also made the furniture in it and my Granny made the curtains and cusions...things you sew in the house, she also made my Barbie's crocheted dresses!  They were the most beautiful things.  My mom told me Santa had asked my Papa to help him with the doll house and of course I have an heirloom now.

8) Beatles producer George Martin said John was "a completely impractical man." Would you describe yourself as impulsive, with flashes of practicality? Or are you practical, with flashes of impulsivity?   I am practical with flashes of impulsivity and I love it when I am impulsive, I wish it struck more often.

9) Random question -- Congratulations! You just one the Saturday 9 Sweepstakes, and the prize is your choice of a boat or a motorcycle. Which one do you take?  the boat, we live near a lake and it would be nice to be able to go boating again.  That was something I did a lot growing up.  I am not a fan of motorcycles, they kind of scare me.


  1. What a precious gift the doll house was! I, too, have lots of doll clothes my grandmother made and Barbie dresses she crocheted. I even have the blue ribbons she won at the fair for the Barbie clothes.

  2. I'm happy that the little girl who loved her doll house became a woman with a terrific gazebo.

  3. "Shenanigans" everyone came up with such great words!
    Your doll sounds beautiful!

  4. I always wanted a doll house. What a treasure you have!! Motorcycles scare me as well! Have a great Saturday!

  5. My grandpa made my two little sisters a Barbie doll house, fully furnished, with wallpaper on the walls. I even played with them occasionally (they are 6 and 9 years younger than me). What a wonderful heirloom you have! I'm not sure my sister still has the dollhouse. It was used for storage at a later time in life. Probably still in her basement. :( I enjoyed your Saturday 9! I chose the boat too.

  6. I love your answer to #7 :)I need to give this ole granddaddy a talkin too.. He needs to get his woodworking stuff busy, the girls are growing up too fast!!!

  7. I love the word shenanigans! I always ask my students if they are hooligans up to shenanigans!

  8. Shenanigans is a great word! I always wanted a doll house, a big old Victorian looking one but never got one.
    Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  9. Shenanigans is great! … as are all your answers!
    As a child I was never into dolls or girly things … but how I'd love a doll-house to putter with NOW! Hopefully one of my grand-girls will bless me with a pink n' white great-grand baby so I'll have an excuse!

  10. Shenanigans is a great word. Congrats on the backyard clean-up! I am glad it turned out so well for you.


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