Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sunday Stealing- Aesthetic themed List
I have tried to make the font larger, I think I have it working for my answers anyway.  So sorry.

1. when did you last sing to yourself?  I was singing Dirty Deeds by AC/DC yesterday as I was driving into was playing on the radio.

if a crystal ball could tell you the truth about anything, what would you want to know?  I would want to know if Josh was ever going to be ok or would he struggle with his depression and anxiety the way he is his whole life.  We went to see his doctor yesterday and he made another medication change.  He said it would be a process to find the right medicine for Josh.  I just want him to feel good again.

what is the greatest accomplishment of your life?  being a mother. Even though my son has depression, he will always be my greatest joy and accomplishment.

what is the first happy memory that comes to mind, recent or otherwise?  The kids at the preschool just had their Valentine's Day party, they seemed to have so much fun.

if you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living?  I think I would quit my job and be with Josh all of the time.

do you feel you had a happy childhood?  I do!  I was and still am really a very upbeat happy person.  I try not to dwell on the negative and focus on the positive things in life.

would you ever have a deep conversation with a stranger and open up to them?  I kind of do that here when I talk about Josh (my son).  I talk about more things here than I do to people in real life.

what would you title the autobiography of your life so far?

Fighting for Josh

how do you feel about tattoos and piercings? explain.  I am not a fan of them for myself, my ears are pierced and that is it.  I have no tattoos and do not want any, but I think if other people want them, that is totally fine.  It is just not me.

do you wear a lot of makeup? why/why not?  I keep my make-up natural looking, but I do wear a lot of make-up.  I feel better in it and feel more confident.

The world is listening. pick one sentence you would tell them.  Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding.  (The Bible verse I live by).

who in the world would you most like to receive a letter from and what would you want it to say?  My son, I mean, he lives here with me, but I would love for him to write a letter and tell me everything about how he is feeling with his depression and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.   I ask all of the time...he is pretty shut down right now.  He seemed to be getting better for a while.

do you have a desk/workspace and how is it organised/not organised?  I have a small area I keep my things and work from.

what’s your starbucks order, and who would you trust to order for you, if anyone?  I never go to Starbucks...I do not drink fact, I often get Starbucks gift cards and I give them away. However, several years ago I worked with a teacher that would go to Starbucks and she would get me some kind of vanilla bean frozen tasted like a vanilla milkshake.  It was good.  I would drink sweet tea and hot chocolate also, but I am not paying the high prices for it, so I never go.  I would trust that teacher that got me things from Starbucks.

what is the most important thing to you in your life right now?  Josh's (my son) well being.


  1. Truly, mother's love is endless and unconditional. I love the answers.

  2. Vanilla bean Frappicino. It is similar to a milkshake. They also have fruit smoothies.

    I hope the road of life gets smoother for your child, and thus for you as well.

  3. My boys are my greatest accomplishment too! I always felt that same about tattoos, until I had a midlife crisis moment when the youngest enlisted.... I quit my job, got a tattoo and got a dog.... LOL Have a great Sunday!

  4. It must be a frightening experience to live with a child that struggles with depression like that. I pray that Joshua gets to feeling better soon. My daughter has been diagnosed with depression but she seems bubbly to most that meet her.

  5. Lori, I thought it was just me on the fonts, shew! praying for Joshua to get better sorry DEPRESSION and ANXIETY are not fun at all~~ I have dealt with
    for most of my adult life.

    We live in KS now, 60 miles from Springfield :) hope you have a great

  6. Lori. This made me cry, your comments about Josh. Idk how old he is, but I do have to say, writing saves me. Since I’ve been sick, life has been... well UGH! But I have a mindfulness journal next to me in bed, and a journal in my ‘spot’ in the living room. The relief of releasing my ‘feelings’ is unexplainable. Thank you so much for sharing. Im going to have to come to your blog and catch up. Ay 60, I think I have known and felt it all. But, I haven’t. Have a great week. I’ll put you and Josh on my prayer list.

  7. #7 -- I know! Me, too! When blogging was very popular, I lived in terror that my sisters would find mine (hence my pseudonym).

    Anxiety and depression are more prevalent than many of us realize. I've fought it myself. I have hopes that a real remedy -- maybe a mix of therapy and meds -- will be found and rescue those who suffer.

  8. So sorry about Josh. A good friend of mine is struggling with her 13 year old granddaughter and the frustrations of her deep depression. I feel your pain. I hope they find some help for Josh.

  9. You are one heck of a great Mom! God bless you and you are in my prayers.

  10. Josh is very fortunate to have you for his mother!

  11. How blessed is Josh to have you in his corner 100%. "Lean not on your own understanding." is probably my favorite Bible verse! Some day everything will make sense ….

  12. Josh is lucky to have you fighting for him. I have had issues with depression and anxiety for my entire life and it can take a while to find the right mix of meds/therapy/etc. to get things together. That said . . . have you taken him to see an acupuncturist? That helped me more than drugs.

  13. You are a great mom! Keep letting Josh know that you are there for him and that you love him unconditionally and keep fighting to get him the best care/meds or whatever he needs. He may be shut down now, but he knows what you do and somewhere behind that wall he puts up he appreciates it. I've told you my daughter has depression and anxiety. She has ever since high school. It piggybacked on her ADHD. She still struggles with it all, but she has told me more than once (and even written some very heartfelt posts on Facebook) that she understands why I did some of the things I did and that she appreciates it.

  14. I agree with those above that you are a great mom for Josh. Tough stuff to go through. I enjoyed your answers, Lori!! Wishing you a good week ahead!


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