Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Stealing- ID Questions

Sunday Stealing

1: 3 Fears:  snakes, mice and heights
2: 3 things I love:  family, God, children
3: 4 turns on:  kind, clean, godly, good heart
4: 4 turns off:  smoking, drugs, drinking, foul language
5: My best friend:  my mom
6: My favorite book:  The Great Gatsby
7: My best first date:  date to the theater to see Carousel
8: How tall am I:  5'4
9: What do I miss:  I miss visiting with my dad and my Granie and Papa Oslin, they have passed away now.
10: What time were I born:  3:40PM
11: Favorite color:  red
12: Do I have a crush:  I am married, so my husband.
13: Favorite quote: 
*“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way
they learn.” - Ignacio Estrada *

14: Favorite place:  Orange Beach, Alabama
15: Favorite food:  Mexican
16: Do I use sarcasm:  not that often
17: What am I listening to right now:  the dryer
18: First thing I notice in new person:  personality
19: Eye color:  green
20: Hair color:  brown



  1. I loved LOVED that quote from Estada. So true about teaching anything.

    I was born at 3am and you were born at 3:40pm. My time is probably a sort of guess as I was born at home, with the family doctor attending. That's the way it was in rural Ohio in the 40's.

    Have a happy Sunday!

  2. What a lovely quote! Thanks for sharing.

    I, too, adored Gatsby. Such a powerful little volume. I wonder why Hollywood just can't do it justice.

  3. I teach high school and find I use sarcasm with them frequently.

  4. Green eyes are always so beautiful. Mine are hazel but they pick up the color of my clothes. I like to wear green sometimes so that my eyes look green, too.

  5. I wish my daughter had run into more teachers who were familiar with that quote. Most of them just wanted her to be like everyone else so it didn't cause them any more work. School was a horrible experience for her...and me trying to get her through it!

    I've never been to the beach in Alabama. All our family down there is in the NW corner of the state. I've been hearing a lot about the beaches there lately...might just have to put it on the list of places to visit one day.

    Have a lovely week!

  6. Hello fellow green eyes!
    I enjoy reading what everyone thinks and feels about things.
    I joined in as well.
    Hope your weekend was nice and that the coming week goes well for you.

  7. Love,love that quote! These were fun and interesting questions and such a good way to get to know other bloggers.


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